Genshin Impact Hu Tao Weapons, Artifacts, and Abilities

Our funeral parlor director has arrived. Give your respects as the director is the newest 5-star rated Pyro Polearm user and mostly anticipated Genshin Impact character. Meet Hu Tao.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao.png

The following are Hu Tao's artifacts and weapons that can help you build her and reach her maximum effectiveness. Although this involves careful selection of Polearms and artifacts.


  • Gladiator’s Finale (boss farm) 2-Piece: ATK +18%. 4-Piece: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack damage by 35%.
  • Lavawalker (Hidden Palace of Zhou) 2-Piece: Pyro RES increased by 40%. 4-Piece: Increased damage against enemies affected by Pyro by 35%.
  • Crimson Witch of Flames (Hidden Palace of Zhou) 2-Piece: Pyro damage bonus +15%. 4-Piece: Increases overloaded and burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%. Using an Elemental SKill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Staff of Homa (5 star): HP increased by 20%. Moreover, provides an ATK bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder’s max HP. When the wielder’s HP is less than 50%, this ATK bonus is increased by an additional 1% of max HP.
  • Jade Winged Spear (5 star): On hit, increases ATK by 3.2% for 6s. Max 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s. While in possession of the maximum possible stacks, damage dealt is increased by 12%.
  • Skyward Spine (5 star): Increases CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal attack speed by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on enemies have a 50% chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% of attack as damage in a small AOE. This effect can occur no more than once every 2s.
  • Deathmatch (4 star): If there are at least 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 16%. If there are less than 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.
The next should help you get to know Hu Tao and hopefully helps you maximize her in the game, these are her abilities.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Card.jpg


Secret Spear of Wangsheng (Basic Attack)
  • Normal Attack: Perform up to six consecutive strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way- .
  • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AOE damage upon impact.
Guide to the Afterlife (Basic Ability)

Hu Tao consumes a set portion of her HP to knock the surrounding enemies back and enter the Paramita Papilio state.
Paramita Papilio:
  • Increases Hu Tao’s attack based on her maximum HP when entering the state. The attack bonus gained this way cannot exceed 400% of Hu Tao’s base attack.
  • Converts ATK damage to Pyro damage, which cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion.
  • Charged attacks apply the Blood Blossom effect to enemies hit.
  • Increases Hu Tao’s resistance to interruption.
Blood Blossom:
  • Enemies affected by Blood Blossom take Pyro damage every four seconds. This damage is considered elemental skill damage.
  • Each enemy can be affected by only one Blood Blossom effect at a time, and its duration may only be refreshed by Hu Tao herself.
  • Paramita Papilio ends when its duration is over, or Hu Tao has left the battlefield or fallen.
Spirit Soother (Ultimate)
  • Commands a blazing spirit to attack, dealing Pyro damage in a large AOE.
  • Upon striking the enemy, it regenerates a percentage of Hu Tao’s maximum HP. This effect can be triggered up to five times based on the number of enemies hit.
  • If Hu Tao’s HP is below or equal to 50% when the enemy is hit, both the damage and HP regeneration are increased.
Flutter By (Passive 1) – Ascension 1
  • When a Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife ends, all allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their Crit Rate increased by 12% for eight seconds.
Sanguine Rouge (Passive 2) – Ascension 4
  • When Hu Tao’s HP is equal to or less than 50%, her Pyro damage bonus is increased by 33%.
The More the Merrier (Passive 3) – Unlocked
  • When Hu Tao cooks a dish perfectly, she has an 18% chance to receive an additional Suspicious dish of the same type.

The event has already started yesterday so grind hard and you might be lucky on getting her and those 5-star rated weapons. Good luck, Traveler!

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