Genshin Impact Interview Highlights: Home System and other Co-op Possibilities

I am currently on fire with the latest news regarding Genshin Impact, awaiting its release, we have more news coming in our way. Recently, an interview was conducted with miHoYo's CEO, Forrest Liu, or Liu Wei regarding Genshin Impact. There he talked about the details of Genshin and how the game would work, but there are things that we have highlighted that might pique your interest as well.

Genshin Impact Interview.jpg

First, to rundown the basics, the game would consist of 7 elements that would interact with each other and there are also 7 nations in the game as well, if there would be representation of the main elements in the nations, we don't know yet but it's possible it might. Only on launch will we see if there's a connection there.

But there's more, According to Mr. Wei, the nations have different aesthetic based on various choices, Mondstandt will have a European feel for it as it has the air of freedom in their nation, while others such as Liyue Harbor has the Eastern vibe more and others have significant infrastructure such as canals, bamboos, pines and others. So expect that when visiting the other nations.

In which we dive in the main topic of the article, in the video above, a question that asked him on how would the future of the game would be. Mr. Wei, promised that the support for the game would be continuous even after release as he highlights that the support will be increased further and not decreased. For that note, he hinted on a possible housing system, although he did not state which type of housing system it would be.

Genshin Impact Interview b.jpg

Players are definitely curious as to how it would work. Aside from that, promises of improved Domains which acts like a dungeon in-game and further enhancement options are promised in the coming updates, so there's something to look forward to.

If you ask me, I am all for a housing system, it induces a part of me that wants to customize my experience in the game and if we can invite our friends for online socialization, it's a win in my book. I am up for a little base building in the game especially if it's like what I think it is.

Genshin Impact Interview c.jpg

And enhancing the other core experiences like the Domains and the materials need to upgrade is one way to expand the longevity of the game, I am up for it. How about you? Tell us in the comments below!