Genshin Impact is now LIVE on Tiktok!

HoYoverse partners up with TikTok LIVE to bring the magical world of Tevyat to Japan, Indonesia, and the USA. The event started last March 13 and will continue until May 21 in the US.

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For creators that will participate and go LIVE in the event, Diamonds and Primogem will be given as rewards. To generate more hype from the Genshin Impact community, post short videos about your participation throughout the campaign period. Capture iconic Genshin Impact moments and share it by tagging @tiktoklive_us with hashtags #LIVENow, #genshinimpact, and #tiktoklive.

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The event is split into two phases. Phase One is already ongoing while Phase Two will go live on March 27. The details about Phase Two will also be revealed on that day. For now, let’s focus on Phase One wherein creators can rank up on the weekly leaderboard by completing certain actions. The top 50 creators will be displayed on the Phase One weekly leaderboard. Phase One will be available until March 26.

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To earn points for the leaderboard, you will earn one point for every one minute a viewer watches your LIVE. To earn bonus Primogems and split a diamond pool, you must complete all Card Missions. There’s three Card Missions available. When completed, a Genshin Impact themed Character Card can be collected.

genshin impact tiktok live event2.png

Collect all three for a chance to earn your share of the 300,000 Diamond Prize Pool. There’s bonus missions as well that you can complete for Primogems. In total, there are three bonus missions that you need to complete until March 26.

The first bonus mission is complete “Be LIVE for 3 days” to receive 150 Primogems, the second is complete “Be LIVE for 5 days” to receive 300 Primogems, and the third bonus mission is complete “Be LIVE for 10 days” to receive 1000 Primogems. Note that for it to be valid, creators must be LIVE for a minimum of 60 minutes in a single session.