Genshin Impact Leaks: From Version 3.6 to Version 4.0

Several leaks of Genshin Impact have been appearing recently on the internet. New characters, area expansions, bosses, and many more are included in these leaks. To know what these new additions that may appear in the game are, here is the compilation of the recent Genshin Impact leaks.

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The character release roadmap showed that Alhaitham, Yaoyao, Dehya, Mika, and Baizhu will be released. Some of these characters have already appeared in the game with Alhaitham and Dehya appearing in Sumeru Archon quest while Mika appeared in the Mondstadt-based limited-time event during Version 3.1. For Baizhu, he appeared a long time ago in the Liyue Archon quest.

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UBatcha posted this on Twitter, however, he has deleted it in fear of HoYoverse banning his account. But note that among these, Wanderer (Scaramouche) and Faruzan have been officially revealed.

As of the moment, a detailed leaked information about the character’s kit is only available for Alhaitham. Although, some of Scaramouche’s kit is revealed, it doesn’t have enough details.
  • Alhaitham E
  • Alhaitham Q

A new boss called the Dendro Dragon will be the next enemy of the Travelers. This new weekly boss' enemy might be similar to Dvalin. It will have two phases, and the FOV will change between phases

Add to that, new common enemies and a Ruin Golem have been revealed as well.

Also, there might be a new boss battle that is similar to Marana from the Aranyaka quest line. However, it is unclear if it is an Archon quest, a story quest, or a world quest. It’s also unknown if it will be a weekly boss.

Further expansions will be made in the Sumeru desert area in 3.4 and 3.6.

The new area in Version 3.8 might be the teaser for the Fontain region. Similar to what Genshin Impact did to ease players into Inazuma with the Golden Apple Archipelago serving as a teaser for the region, this new area probably serves the same function.

As Scaramouche is being released as a playable character in Version 3.3, his story quest is expected to be released soon.

Add to that, 4-star character Layla will have her hangout quest.

A new “Traveler” chapter will be released after the Sumeru Archon quest finishes. This chapter is expected to be released in Version 3.5.

In Version 3.3, two of the most popular events in the game will make their comeback. Windtrace is a hide-and-seek type minigame played in co-op while Misty Dungeon allows players to use trial characters to complete domains.

There’s also what seems to be a rollercoaster event that will be released in Version 3.8.

Scaramouche’s signature weapon heavily favors normal attacks over elemental skills or burst. He might be like Yoimiya or Ayato, who are normal attack-oriented DPS. However, keep in mind that this is still a leak, changes will take place.

Add to that, one of the events in Version 3.3 will give a 4-star sword as a reward.

Lastly, there might be two new artifacts that will be released, with one appearing to be tailor-made for Scaramouche as it buffs normal attack damage.

The leaks of Genshin Impact ends here. Although most of the future content of the game is exciting, since it’s still from leaks, take it with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement of Genshin Impact.

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