Genshin Impact leaks the possible first look of Baal - The Inazuma Electro Archon

Genshin Impact’s 1.6 update looms closer as days go by. As it's expected to be the biggest update ever dated in the game, a new character was leaked and its Baal, the Electro Archon.


You may wonder what's the correlation between Kazuha(above) and Baal. Just to give a bit of a background for Kazuha, he is the new Anemo hero that is coming in the 1.6 update. HIs character trailer was leaked online and it turns out that he has a history with Baal. From the trailer, it could be seen what Baal may look like and thanks to a fan of the game, Baal’s screenshots from the trailer were enhanced to let us see what she may look like when she arrives in the game as a playable hero or maybe a villain.

As Inazuma is based on Japan, what we can really gather from the trailer was Baal wearing a Kimono, she has a sword and is sporting bangs. She’s from the Electro class. A bit of information of Baal was also known through Kazuha’s voice line, in there it was revealed what tragic connection he has with her.

About the Raiden Shogun:

"I’ve asked myself this question many times since leaving Inazuma. Do I simply resent the Raiden Shogun because of what happened in that duel? Because of the lethal stroke she dealt my dear friend? I’ve thought about this a good long time, and I believe the answer is no. My friend died an honorable death in that duel, and the Shogun was not unjustified in her conduct. My dissatisfaction with her has its roots in the Vision Hunt Decree. No one has the right to rob another of their hopes and dreams – not even a god.”


In Kazuha’s voice line, he referred to something that we’ve already known, it's the decree that Baal issued, that no one is to be allowed to use Vision. It's something that gives people their elemental powers in the Genshin Impact world.

As it turns some major happenings will happen with the 1.6 update. Also, the Inazuma story will have some vital plot points going on with it when it arrives. Let’s just wait until this update is available because it seems that it's one heck of a ride once Genshin Impact will update its server with this awaited update.