Genshin Impact Patch 1.1 leaked on Reddit


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Nov 13, 2018
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First of all credits to u/polonoid75 post on reddit

DISCLAIMER: most of this information comes from the CBT of version 1.1, not all details are final as it is a testing build. Things can change and because some info is in chinese not all of this will be 100% accurate, but the meat is all there.

Hey'all! So over the past few weeks more and more info has been coming out about version 1.1 from the CBT and some from official word, but all the info has been spread out across dozens of posts over the past week, so I thought to compile all the news in one post to hype people up and get some discussion going! So lets get right into it!

New Quest and Story Content (this section will obviously contain story spoilers marked as such):
  • The new update will feature the remainder of the Chapter 1 storyline in Liyue including a brand new boss fight against SPOILERS Childe himself, inside the Golden House which is a bit more south of Liyue in a small new added plot of the map which will be repeatable afterwards just like the Boreas and Stormterror fights.

  • As far as new Story Quests (the ones that focus around specific characters), none have yet to be confirmed for any characters that are currently missing them.
New Features and QoL:
  • The biggest and most important feature of the update is the reputation system. Each region will have its own reputation level with its own special rewards. Your rep level will increase as you explore, do side quests in the region, and do the new "bounties" and "requests" which we have no info on as of yet. To help track exploration your map will also have completion percentages per area of the map. Increasing your rep will unlock various features and benefits, profile cards, new cooking recipes, blacksmithing/alchemy recipes for brand new items listed in the later item section, and for Mondstadt reaching level 8 gives you a new glider skin! I think this new system will add quite a bit more new content for people as they try to max out their rep for each region. For the people who are asking whether this'll be retroactive, your current exploration percentage is already being tracked what with your collected chests and oculi, and the quests you've already completely will obviously count towards the reputation system as well.

  • The ability to lock weapons and artifacts so you don't accidentally trash them.
  • A compendium allowing you to view info on flora and fauna within Teyvat.
  • A camera lock setting so it stops automatically zooming or rotating itself.
  • Excess EXP overflow when levelling weapons will be translated into ore if possible instead of completely wasted.
  • Characters on expeditions will no longer be unavailable for use in the party.
  • Ability to store your daily resin as Condensed Resin.

    This way, if you don't want to play one day you can log on and store your resin to be used later. You can also now spend 40 resin within domains to get double rewards, meaning you only need to do 3 runs to use all your resin up instead of playing it 6 whole times.

  • Sadly, I've found no proof of a way to change the Traveler's element without going to a Statue of the Seven
New Characters and Banners:
  • Zhongli, a 5 star Geo/Polearm user. His basic attacks are uniquely animated compared to Xiangling's polearm attacks, with him stabbing his spear into the ground before kicking it back out causing it to spin. His charged attack makes him teleport forwards as energy spears rain in his path. His Elemental Skill can be pressed to create a monolith with area of effect damage, or held to cause a burst around him destroying Geo element objects like shields or ore immediately. His Elemental Burst summons a meteor which turns enemies to stone (works like the frozen effect!). His abilities scale with max HP and he has the passive of returning 15% of ore used to craft polearms!

  • Childe, a 5 star Hydro/Bow user. Standard basic and charge shot. His Elemental Skill replaces his bow with a melee basic attack, consisting of dual water knives and a water polearm in his combo, and the skill has no cooldown meaning you can switch between either of his basic attacks on the fly. He has 2 different Elemental Bursts: with his bow out, the burst shoots a water shot that inflicts a special debuff on enemies and automatically refunds you some elemental energy. This combos with his melee Elemental Burst, which is a big slice that consumes the previous debuff to do more damage than usual. His passive increases the basic attack talent of everyone in the party by 1 level!

  • Xinyan, a 4 star Pyro/Claymore user. She's a rock star from Liyue! Standard basic attack string. Her Elemental Skill has her swing her guitar (don't ask why it has a blade on it), the more people she hits with the swing, the stronger resulting shield she gains, also scales with DEF. Her Elemental Burst creates a sound shockwave around her as she plays her instrument, dealing knockback and setting the ground ablaze. Her passive gives her a 12% chance to gain double result from cooking DEF boosting food!

  • Diona, a 4 star Cryo/Bow user. She's the daughter of Draff from Springvale, and works as a waitress at Cat's Tail in Mondstadt! Standard basic attack string. Her Elemental Burst tosses an iced drink like a molotov which both damages enemies and heals your teammates within the area it creates on the ground. No matter how much I searched, I couldn't find what her Elemental Skill is anywhere, and the fact that the skill icon is a paw print inside of a bubble with cat ears doesn't tell much.

  • As for new banners, it seems most likely that Xiao and Zhongli will be the 2 banners featured within the version 1.1 life cycle (note that the Xiao banner has been updated from the CBT version).

    Childe's status is unknown as there's been no leaked banner featuring him, but he will most likely still be a future featured 5 star with his own banner. Do not take these banners as definitive proof, as Klee's beta banner featured different 4 star characters than the live version. As for the permanent banner, it will be updated with the new 4 star characters and a new banner art.

  • A datamined image shows Jean as an item from Paimon's Bargains!

    It's probably best not to burn your starglitter away until we see if this really comes to pass. This comment explains why this isn't correct, sorry if I got anyone's hopes up!
  • For people asking about the dumb rumor that said 5 star pity would be changed from 90 to 50, its a completely baseless rumor people attached to out of hope, there's no basis or proof of it. Don't expect rate changes especially not this soon, but expect future events to continue giving out primogems and free 4 star characters at least.
New Items:
  • Five new 5 star weapons (3 of which seen in top right of image), one of each type. All 5 of them apparently share the same ability, but this one reads as "Increases shield strength by 20%. For 8s after landing a hit, increase attack by 4%. Max 5 stacks, 0.3s per proc. In addition, when protected by a shield, increase the above attack buff effect by 100%".

  • Portable Teleporter you can place anywhere and it stays there for a maximum of 7 days before fading. You can use it anywhere you want to put a marker there.

  • Anemo Bottle lets you store these wisp guys and release them anywhere for updrafts.

  • Food Bag which lets you hotkey 2 food items together, will autorefill itself unless you run out of that type of food.

  • Portable Cooking Pot which lets you cook anywhere.
  • Regional Talismans and Compasses, the talismans apparently let you track down Oculi, while the compasses help you track down chests.

New Events and Rewards:
  • Referral Event, get Mora for referring people and get primogems when they reach AR 15. players who are under AR 7 can use someone's referral code even if their account is already made.

  • Food Delivery Event for some primogems, each specific item has its own reward as well. Upon completing the set of 3 you are given new ones, not sure how many there will be.

  • Gliding Event, there are 7 racetracks to do, where you are scored both on completion time and gain bonus points by collecting tokens along the track. Bronze, silver, and gold medals all give separate rewards.

  • Unreturned Star Event, I can't find details on the content, but by participating in this three part event you gain shards used in a limited time event shop, not all rewards are shown here as you can also get elemental crystals for character ascension and a free Fischl from this.

Aaaaaand that is everything I can gather on the 1.1 update which is just over 3 weeks away! As far as updates beyond 1.1, we know that 1.2 releases on December 23rd and will open the Dragonspine Mountain area between Mondstadt and Liyue, while version 1.3 will launch on February 11th and will be focused on the Lantern Festival in Liyue, so don't expect the next region Inazuma to release until 1.4 or later.

As for future characters, this official artwork shows a Dendro/Catalyst character Yaoyao while this video (WARNING FOR SPOILERS) includes pretty major story teasers for the next 6 regions, their story chapters and shows characters that will appear in them.

Other characters that will come in the future but are not featured in this video are Ganyu who is also Cryo/Bow and Baizou who is Dendro/??? who both appear in Chapter 1 of the story but are not yet available, Dansleif who is a mysterious character that will appear WAY later in the story in Chapter 7, and models for characters named Albedo (Geo/Bow), Sayu (Anemo/Claymore), and a profile image for Kate (Electro/Sword) have been found.

Albedo, Sayu, and Yaoyao specifically are already mentioned at multiple points in the game in character's profiles.
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