Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 Highlights - All that Glitters PC PlayStation iOS Android 

Patch 1.2 is about to close and with the addition of Albedo and Ganyu to the mix of characters that have arrived, the landscape of the game has been changed, a geo character that can unleash a lot of damage and shields together with a Cryo character that proved that Charged Shots can be deadly if used by a proper player in the game. With Patch 1.3 coming in, let's see what it has in store. This is definitely for those who are busy and have not yet caught up to speed.


Lantern Rite Festival - Liyue Shines Brighter
Liyue will shine brighter with the 1.3 update with the Lantern Rite festival, the Lantern Rite festival is an important event for the people of Liyue to lift their wishes high up in the sky and hope for the best. In this event, there will be 4 parts of the event, that will have various things to do as such you can see in the picture below:


Xiao's Banner and ???
Finally, after months and months of waiting and hoping by his fans, Xiao has finally been released and with the promise of Anemo Burst Damage, he'll be the first damage dealer (if you exclude Zhongli) that will be in the supporting elements list. Usually, Anemo and Geo are not well known for their damage due to their supporting effects such as Crystalize for Geo and Swirl for Anemo, what would Xiao's entrance bring to the table for Genshin Impact? Only time will definitely tell.


As for the next rate-up in the list, is it Hu Tao? Who, Tao? Nah, it's our Lightning Waifu of the Qixing. Keqing! It is a big surprise that Keqing will be in a rate-up banner because this is different from what the character event banner always has. Usually, it will have 2 new 5-stars with a chance of new 4-stars in their banners. That changed with 1.2 Dragonspine update since we did not get a 4-star character, and now we have a split between a Limited Character and a Permanent Character, more time to save or more time to snipe your perma units than hope for the best in the perma banner, that's your call. But this is an interesting mix.

Stand by Me - Free 4-star Character
Liyue is in a festive mood right now, so maybe you'll get more chances in getting a Liyue character in your rolls soon? Scratch that, get one (4-star character) for free. That is right! There's gonna be a new event in the game that can let you acquire one of the 4-star characters for free, pick between Ningguang, Xiangling, Xinyan, Beidou, Xingqiu and Chongyun! These characters have pros and cons in selecting them, which one will you be picking. I, for one, will pick Mommy Ningguang for her to be max constellation, and I'll build her! I'll "Submit!" to her hehehe.


Theater Mechanicus - Tower Defense Time
Tower Defense has been a classic game mode for ages. Since the dawn of online matches in Starcraft and even in some gacha games like Arknights, well why not add it in the game. Featured in the trailer for this event, it appears to be a tabletop game born into fruition in the event. Now that is interesting. While some folks do not like the genre, hey maybe playing the game will make you interested. Plus, free primogems!


Five Flushes of Fortune
Like we said earlier, free Primogems are primogems so it's always amazing to just get them and enjoy them. But what if you can win primogems but have fun by taking pictures of the things that are happening. "Five Flushes of Fortune" will be such an event and it is pretty exciting what they have in store for it. I am a fan of taking pictures and I love taking screenshots and pictures via the camera option in the game so I am pretty hyped to see how we will do it, plus the Lantern Festival must be dazzling to look at so maybe we'll take shots of those?


May Fortune Find You - Free Xiao Rolls?
People have been clamoring for a major event and with a major event, means major prizes such as amazing log-in rewards. What if we have such a thing especially in the time of need for the gacha rollers. That is right, miHoYo listened that there should be an event that could grant us a 10-pull, only by daily login though, so just be diligent? Yes, "May Fortune Find You" will grant us 10 Intertwined Fates in a 7-day login chance. How many per day? Who knows, it's still a mystery, but this may be a key to get your Xiao, so better login.


Vishaps and Where to Find Them: Prime Geovishap - The Daddy is here?
Or is this just teen vishaps? Big Geovishaps will come and test your mettle, but you will be able to get EXP, Talent Books, and Primogems. While the fury of Genshin Sonic can be tedious and challenging, the rewards seem to be amazing too, I guess we'll just have to brave in so that our precious units can level up and advance quickly.


Double Leyline Outcrop Rewards
Probably one of the things I am much hyped at, people who have been lagging at their characters, those who want to diversify their rosters, and those who have been waiting to level their experimental characters, now is your chance to shine, with doubled EXP and Mora drops at the Leyline Outcrops, leveling up characters and ascending weapons would be so much quicker! I'll definitely use my resin for this, however, make sure to not use Condensed Resin at this one! Only Original Resin would work for this special kind of drops. Given Condensed Resin gives double drops at regular, you save 20 more resin at this time, so save your condensed resin for talent books and artifact runs.


More Things
Finally some non-event things, there will be a compendium for monsters, a character page for your favorite characters in-game, a material that can transmute different crystals and gems to another element like from Geo to Electro and other elements (Finally!!), making the grind for ascending characters less hard.

All that glitters is not gold but the "All that Glitters" event is starting to become like gold, from the floating lanterns in the sky, to the rewards and Quality of Life features we will be getting, am all but hyped for this patch, how about you? Tell us how you are hyped by commenting and joining the discussion today!