Genshin Impact releases details about the character event wish "Conjuring Chiaroscuro"

HoYoverse will be releasing Genshin Impact 4.0 on September 5, 2023. Details about the Lyney and Yelan banners have been revealed ahead of the 4.0 release. Included in the banners are the four-star characters who will be with each of the new characters. Equipment that will be featured in the Epitome Invokation weapon banner has been revealed as well.

lyney and lynette.png

The two new characters who will be featured in the 4.0 update are the five-star Pyro archer Lyney and the four-star Anemo swordswoman Lynette, who will be on both banners of Lyney and Yelan. In case you didn’t know, Yelan is a five-star Hydro archer. Together with the three are the Pyro swordsman Bennett and the Hydro catalyst user, also healer, Barbara.

As there are two archers featured, expect that there are bows featured as well. The Aqua Simulacra is a five-star weapon for Yelan while the five-star First Great Magic is for Lyney. The four-star weapons that will be joining the five-star ones are the Favonius Greatsword, Favonius Lance, Sacrificial Bow, Sacrificial Fragments, and Sacrificial Sword.

Additionally, the rerun banners that will be released are for the two five-stars Childe and Zhongli. Freminet will be the four-star that will appear on both.