Genshin Impact releases the "Ballads of Breeze" Interaction Platform and the "Ballads of Breeze" In-Game Event

As the Windblume Festival kicks off, Travelers are invited in Mondstadt to take part in a game called "Ballads of Breeze”. In this game, players will compose and play some tunes, just like the bard of Mondstadt. Aside from the game, there’s also the "Ballads of Breeze" Interaction Platform, which is available for a limited time only. Through this, you customize and share information about your own in-game arrangements. Add to that, you can view other Travelers' pieces, and upload your own performance challenges as well.

ballads of freeze gameplay details.jpg

This event is available until March 20 but even after the event ends, you can still continue to visit and view the works on the page. However, you cannot manage submissions, upload challenge videos, or like and favorite works.

ballads of freeze.jpg

After you have released your entry for the "Ballads of Breeze" event in-game, go to the "Ballads of Breeze" Interaction Platform to provide additional information about your pieces to further introduce to them other players. Aside from that, you can also browse other player’s pieces, copy share codes, like and favorite the pieces that got your attention, and upload videos of yourself performing other pieces.

After successfully creating your piece, you can finally publish it on the platform. Provide videos and images, edit the title, descriptions, and labels of your piece to introduce them to other players. Once you posted it and it got approved, other players will be able to search and view your entry.

Note that you cannot submit the same piece for other challenge videos. If other pieces interest you, you can add it to your favorites on the "Ballads of Breeze" Interaction Platform. Only a maximum of 99 works can be added to your favorites.

Since the "Ballads of Breeze" Interaction Platform has already been introduced, the next will be the gameplay details of the "Ballads of Breeze" in-game event. Perform songs, edit scores, and share your own composition with other Travelers through the "Songs Exchange" platform.

Perform Tracks

New settings have been added to the "Ballads of Breeze" gameplay. Now, you can choose the musical instrument that you want to perform with, adjust the Custom Key Bindings, Falling Mode, and more to your own preferences.

custom key binding.png

controller buttons.png

notes falling mode.png

Add to that, you can enable or disable the dark background in Settings.

Arrange Pieces

Players can also select the song that they prefer from the 7 songs in this edition, or from the previous editions to compose their own piece.

Generate sharing codes for your saved scores through the Editing Mode so that other players can challenge and perform the score that you composed.

You can also play the score of your fellow Travelers by searching their corresponding sharing codes. And that’s it, enjoy the festival as well as the tunes of the bard in Mondstadt!