Genshin Impact reveals splash art for new characters Mika and Dehya

A new splash art has been revealed by developer HoYoverse for Dehya and Mika, who are new playable characters in a future update to Genshin Impact. They've both already appeared in the game as Dehya played a significant role in the Sumeru Archon Quest. On the other hand, during a brief sequence in the "Of Ballads and Brew" event, Mika made her debut.


Dehya is set to be a Pyro character. According to our experiences with her in the story, she is known as the Flame-Mane and is a renowned mercenary who occasionally takes on other assignments. The name of her constellation is Mantichora or manticore which is a creature from Greek mythology that has a lion's body, a human head, and a scorpion's tail. This perhaps served as a reference to Dehya's lion motif (in both design and nickname) as well as her desert legacy.

Menawhile, Mika is set to be a Cryo character. He is the younger brother of Huffman and serves with Eula's Reconnaissance Company. He's also been mentioned in the voice lines of several Knights of Favonius members. We could tell from his brief presence in the game that he was very reserved about the Traveler. His constellation, Palumbus, means "Wood Pigeon" in English.

Alhaitham and Yaoyao will be made playable in the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 3.4. This means you won't be able to pull Dehya or Mika yet in the game for quite some time. The release of version 3.4 is set for January 18, 2023. The Lantern Rite event will also be present, where you can choose a free 4-star Liyue character for your party.

Genshin Impact is easily accessible on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. As the release dates for Dehya and Mika nearly approach, more details about their kits will become available.