Genshin Impact Sparkling Steps, is Klee banner worth it? PC PlayStation iOS Android 

With the Venti banner officially gone from the Wish segment of the game, we were left with hours without another banner other than the regular banner and it gave time to save a few bit of primogems for the next banner. Now, earlier at 6 PM. We received the Klee banner together with the weapon banner. But the question remains, how good is the Klee banner? Let's discuss the characters one by one and see if they are worth getting.

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Noelle, she is probably one of the free characters you had at the start of the game. With her being easily available at the Beginner's Wish banner, she is probably one of your mains if you did not get another 5-star or other 4-stars have caught your attention.

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Noelle is your "Paladin" in the game, with a defense that can help your team protect themselves from the battle with her shield, plus an attack that can devastate the enemy as long as you have a proper build, Noelle is a great character to have especially if you have her in multiple constellations. With her final constellation having her Elemental Burst grant a huge amount of attack and her burst scaling from defense, she can be a defensive powerhouse for the team.

Plus, the maid look is very striking. If you like maids and defense, you can get Noelle.

Ah yes, if you think that this character is a girl, then you are so dead wrong. I hope you did not feel like this on Venti, because you are trap bait. But jokes aside, Xingqiu is a character great for DPS and Support.

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Xingqiu's ability relies on having Rain Swords, orbiting the available character, just like Kaeya's burst. For his elemental skill, his swords deal Hydro damage and effect which it helps against interruption and reduce incoming damage. However, unless you have the Elemental Burst up, the Rain Swords will be reduced each time you get damaged. By triggering his burst too, you can get it to be used by other characters. Which lets you have elemental reaction combinations with other characters.

While Xingqiu has the capability to go support, his DPS path is also not bad for him. With him using a Sword as a weapon, he can strike quickly and deadly. If you prefer this and have various combinations for Hydro-based reactions, you can consider getting him.

Dubbed as the Mini or Budget Venti, Sucrose may seem to be belittled but her power is still a cut above the rest especially with her support potential. Sucrose has a lot of abilities that can help her become a strong support.

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Both her elemental burst and skill pull enemies close but her burst acts like a Venti skill which can absorb an element and cause an "elemental absorption" which absorbs an element and cause it to affect enemies inside it. So imagine if you have Pyro slimes and you use Electro reaction, it will cause Overload within the Wind Spirit of Sucrose causing a strong effect.

Therefore, if you do not have a Venti and want to have an Anemo support, try for Sucrose.

Finally, the Star of the Banner, Klee! 100% Cute, 1000% Chaotic with her bombs. Klee will make sure that the enemies go bye-bye and the destruction is certain, besides she's a Pyro user, things will get heated up for sure.

Klee's abilities rely on her bringing the boom against the enemies. Her Elemental Skill, makes her throw a bomb that will bounce 3 times with the third time, scattering mines in the area, if you can gather a lot of enemies then Klee can make quick work of them. Finally, with an elemental burst that guarantees a lot of AoE damage, waves of enemies will die quickly with Klee's bombs. Don't forget that her basic attack also deals with AoE Pyro Damage.

Genshin Impact Klee.jpg

A strong wave clearer and an elemental reaction machine, Klee is a perfect DPS for those who do not mind a little bit of collateral damage. If you do not have Diluc and not prefer Xiangling or Amber (poor guys) as their main DPS, then Klee is for you to protect and care!

For those who does not mind the character set however need a boost in their team composition, you can never go wrong. A defensive maid, a diligent yet powerful Hydro Hybrid, another Anemo support that can clearly bring enemies together, and a Pyro AoE DPS freak that can mow down enemies.

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I can already imagine a Sucrose ult and a Klee burst, devastating. So, what are you waiting for get them now and join the Genshin Impact discussion!