Genshin Impact Story Update "Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited" Is Out Now

As Genshin Impact releases new Archon Quest "Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited", the game's main story will now advance again. The quest has been made permanently available since 2021/04/12 at 04:00 a.m. (server time).


Quest Details​

After receiving news from Ganyu and Lan, the next Archon Quest will send players in a mission to investigate the banding together of the Treasure Hoarders of Mondstadt and Liyue as they plan to get involved in some business with the Abyss Order. It is assumed that the shadowy agency may have some knowledge or information about the disappearance of the Travelers lost twin sibling.

To unlock the quest, players must be Adventure Rank 36 or higher and must have completed two pre-requisite story quests: "Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I – The Meaning of Lupica" and "Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) – Bough Keeper: Dainsleif." Once the quest system has been unlocked, Travelers may open the Quest Menu by pressing J (PC), tapping the quest icon in the top-left corner (mobile), or holding the L1 button and selecting the quest icon from the Shortcut Wheel (PS4).


In Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited, players will be facing off with the Abyss Herald in a battle. Players must come prepared in order to accomplish the quest. Upon completing it, players will be generously rewarded with Adventure XP, 60 Primogems, Hero's Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and over 100,000 Mora, as well as a chance to earn Guides to Freedom, Guides to Resistance, and Guides to Ballad.


So long as no more additional acts in Chapter I is released, it is safe to assume that Act IV will conclude the Archon Quest portion of the main story's first chapter. This would mean that there will be no more available Archon Quests until Chapter II arrives, which may likely be about three months away or possibly even longer.

You may also find more clues about what to expect in the original trailer from last month's announcement. Check it out below.

Genshin Impact is always adding in more for players to do. With the current Version 1.4, Invitation of Windblume, the game has seen a lot of addition of new events and a new playable character named Rosaria which makes players keep coming back for more. Now, as the main story line advances, players and fans are hopeful that this next story update will feature the reunion everyone has been waiting for since the game's launch late last year.