Genshin Impact Sumeru Adventure Journal: "Desert of Hadramaveth"

Guild of Guardians
As the Version 3.4 update nears its release, Genshin Impact shares some useful information about Sumeru’s new area, "Desert of Hadramaveth". It is located to the north of the region. Be advised that this will contain some spoilers.

genshin sumeru.jpg

In the Desert of Hadramaveth, sandstorms are intermittent meteorological hazards that are unique to the region. When caught in one, your vision will drop abruptly and the closer you are to the heart of it, the more intense it will be.

There are Wenut hidden beneath the sands. Be vigilant when moving in its territory so that you won’t receive damage. Dwelling in the Wenut’s territory are slightly fragile rocks that when destroyed, you might find unexpected rewards. To destroy these rocks, use the Wenut’s attack.

Found in the Desert, as well, are puzzles that need to be solved. As there are sand piles that will obstruct your way when exploring the area, there are Rune Mechanisms that can be found within the ancient ruins that can generate energy to remove the sand piles.


You will see Cascade Pools that are abandoned in the ruins. These were once used as guides for the flow of water, however, it only has gravel now. Control the Cascade Spouts to fill the Cascade Pools with gravel to obtain unexpected rewards.

Creatures of the Desert are Flying Serpent and Sand Grease Pupa. The Flying Serpent does not really have the ability to fly but has the ability to hover, though for limited time only. Their ability to hover might come from their bird-like hollow bones and the sparkle of Anemo that allow them to have a subtle influence over the wind.

While the Sand Grease Pupa are inside husks that can be found deep in the desert where the Quicksand Eels breed. The husks are hard shells that protect the larval bodies of the Quicksand Eels from the dry desert.

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There are also enemies that you will encounter in the "Desert of Hadramaveth". The first one are the Eremites and they are:

Eremite Scorching Loremaster

sumeru enemy1.png

Eremite Floral Ring-Dancer

sumeru enemy2.png

Next are the Consecrated Beasts. They are lifeforms that become twisted and warped after eating some great being. When in combat, it will enter its powerful Phagocytic form.

Consecrated Flying Serpent

sumeru enemy3.png

Consecrated Scorpion

sumeru enemy4.png

Consecrated Red Vulture

sumeru enemy5.png

When you encounter one of these beasts, note that some of their attacks will launch the Phagocytic Energy Blocks. To destroy these Energy Blocks, use the corresponding elemental attack to make your battle against them easier.

Last but not the least is the Boss enemy. Boss: Setekh Wenut is an Apex predator located deep in the desert. It can use the power of Anemo to some extent, which allows it to leave the ground when engaged in combat and float in the air.

sumeru boss.png

While floating, it can launch Windbite Bullets that when not destroyed in time, they can turn into a high-density type of such bullets. Use the elemental attacks that may react to the Anemo of the Boss enemy to destroy these Windbite Bullets. Strike two succeeding bullets and the Setekh Wenut will be brought down from its floating state. Take this chance to defeat this beast!