Genshin Impact Update Sayu, Ayaka and Yoimiya

As the awaited major 1.6 update’s release is getting nearer, fans are excited to know what will be the new content that they will have in the game.


Thanks to several leaks that were released online, some of the new contents for the 1.6 update is now known in the Genshin Impact community such as a wide range of weapons, items, and quests. But the most notable among all these is the new character Kazuha. Aside from this, players will also get access to a new region called Inazuma and boat travel will also be added in the game.


Even if the 1.6 update has not been released, players are already excited for the upcoming 1.7 update. It's not really a surprise since it was said that the 1.7 update will have as many as five characters that will be added according to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.


“Ayaka’s constellations got reworked but it’s not confirmed how. He guesses either it’s a 80% damage increase (like Eula, Hu Tao and Xiao) or its a mechanics change (like Kazuha and Ganyu).Yoimi 5 Star Pyro Bow AA similar to other normal archers Charged shots will result in AoE Pyro damage E will apply pyro to her normal attacks, becoming a gatling gun (similar to Hu Tao, where the E is an elementally infused version of their normal attacks).Q is off-field with multiple hits, but it’s not too many hits and the pyro application isn’t that good. Multipliers are significant though.The hit frequency is roughly similar to Rosaria. Exact talents and constellations unknown. Electro MC’s Q and E will both do energy recharge for teammates(In the uncle's opinion) it will be better than Anemo and Geo MC in terms of combat value.”


Apart from all those above, a leak also mentioned that there will be a 4 star character that will be added in the game. As for the credibility of said leak, not much could be questioned since most of the leaks really happen. But as what we always say, all information above should be taken with a grain of salt unless an official statement is released.
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