Genshin Impact Version 2.6 "Zephyr of the Violet Garden" is now available!

A brand-new area, The Chasm, new five-star character Kamisato Ayato, new enemies, new artifacts, and more content await you.


Take part in the "Hues of the Violet Garden" version event to invite "Juvenile Galant" Xingqiu (Hydro)!

The Chasm, which has been sealed, has experienced unknown shifts in recent days. Muning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs representative, is getting worried.

New Area The Chasm


To calm the disturbances below, an adventurous Exploration Team is formed to head down into the depths.
Go to The Chasm and clear a path for a new adventure.

Character Event Wish Available: Kamisato Ayato

The young but highly accomplished head of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan. Cultured and polite, he is a man of many ways and means.


Character Event Wish: Available Venti

One of the many bards of Mondstadt, who freely wanders the city's streets and alleys.


New Enemy Ruin Serpent

A Ruin machine that looks like a giant serpent has recently come alive for reasons unknown. It slithers quietly in the shadows of the mine to pave a way to the known world for unknown dangers buried in the depths of The Chasm. Judging from its appearance and movement, it looks to be a digging machine of some sort.


New Artifacts

Vermillion Hereafter

  • 2-Piece Set: ATK +18%.
  • 4-Piece Set: After using an Elemental Burst, this character will gain the Nascent Light effect, increasing their ATK by 8% for 16s. When the character's HP decreases, their ATK will further increase by 10%. This further increase can occur this way a maximum of 4 times. This effect can be triggered once every 0.8s. Nascent Light will be dispelled when the character leaves the field. If an Elemental Burst is used again during the duration of Nascent Light, the original Nascent Light will be dispelled.
Echoes of an Offering
  • 2-Piece Set: ATK +18%.
  • 4-Piece Set: When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance that it will trigger Valley Rite, which will increase Normal Attack DMG by 70% of ATK. This effect will be dispelled 0.05s after a Normal Attack deals DMG. If a Normal Attack fails to trigger Valley Rite, the odds of it triggering the next time will increase by 20%. This trigger can occur once every 0.2s.
New Weapon Haran Geppaku Futsu

A famed work by the Futsu line of smiths. The name "Haran" comes from the manner in which it resembles the violent, roiling waves.


New Event Hues of the Violet Garden

In Ritou, Kamisato Ayato has invited celebrities from various nations and cultures to take part in the Magnificent Irodori Festival. Aid him in holding the festival and take part in the various special activities available. Enjoy the festival and win great prizes!


Version Events


A researcher from Fontaine is presently on the outskirts of The Chasm, studying the harmonic motion between gems known as Vibro-Crystals.


A certain lady from Sumeru has come all this way to Liyue to conduct a certain brand of research. Help her complete this research, and fine rewards shall be yours...


A girl named Asagiri from Inazuma seems to be troubled by something...

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