Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Update: Events, Banners, and Bosses Leaked!

Guild of Guardians
Though the Genshin Impact Version 3.2 update is nearing its release, there are still several leaks that have surfaced online. Here are the leaks about the events, banners, and bosses of Version 3.2 update:

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For the events, it is said that the Great Mujina Youkai will be involved. Yoimiya and Tartaglia will be at the center of the story during the event, Not much is known but it is speculated that it will be a combat event.

For the 4-star weapon and characters, the leaks suggest that the free 4-star character will be Dori and she could be the potential reward for the Great Mujina Youkai event. Also, one of the most popular recurring events is making its return through the 3.2 update. As Liben is loved by all because of how some of his tasks are easily obtainable local specialty items, he is back once again to give primogems to Adventurers.


For the banners, only one 5-star is confirmed and it’s the Dendro Archon herself, Lesser Lord Kusanali aka Nahida. Also, the 4-star Layla is rumored to be playable. As for the reruns, Yoimiya and Tartaglia is already obvious and there is a rumor that Yae Miko will be part of the rerun.

The Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali aka Nahida will be the catalyst user and will be the first Archon to be one. As per the leaks, Nahida will have an ability that seems to be the skill or the burst. It will apply Dendro to the enemies. There is one character who has the potential to be the best to synergize with her and it’s Nilou.

For the world boss, the leaks suggest that there will be a new member for the Hypostasis family, which is the Dendro Hypostasis.
dendro hypostasis.jpg

Also, it is said that there’ll be new characters who will be making their debut through the 3.2 update, and these are Kaveh and Layla. Layla is expected to become a playable character. Not much is known about her as of the moment.

The description of Layla hints that she’s going to be a nerd just like Sucrose. As for Kaveh, he is a popular architect and Al-Haitham’s temporary roommate.

As all details above were from leaks, it is best to take them with a grain of salt. These details will only be confirmed once HoYoverse announces it in the 3.2 livestream scheduled in the last week of the 3.1 Update.