Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Phase 1 Character and Weapon Banners

After the server maintenance on August 16, Genshin Impact Version 4.0 phase 1 banners will go live and remain active until September 5 at 17:59 server time. One new 5* character, one new 4* character, and one new 5* weapon will all be featured in version 4.0 phase 1 banners.


Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Phase 1 Character Banner - Conjuring Chiaroscuro​

The 5* event-exclusive character "Spectacle of Phantasmagoria" Lyney (pyro/bow) makes his debut on this banner. He is the first 5* Fontaine character to be included to the playable lineup. He is comparable to Yoimiya and Amber because he uses a Pyro Bow, but only time will tell if his kit will be more effective than theirs. The four-star characters "Elegance in the Shadows" Lynette (anemo/sword), "Trial by Fire" Bennett (pyro/sword), and "Shining Idol" Barbara (hydro/catalyst), whose drop rates will significantly increase, will accompany Lyney.


Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Phase 1 Character Banner - Discerner of Enigmas​

Since her debut in version 2.7, "Valley Orchid" Yelan (hydro/bow) has appeared on this banner twice. She is among the greatest characters ever created. Yelan will be joined by three 4-star companions, "Trial by Fire" Bennett (pyro/sword), "Elegance in the Shadows" Lynette (anemo/sword), and "Shining Idol" Barbara (hydro/catalyst), who will all have their drop rates significantly increased.


The "Trial by Fire" Bennett (pyro/sword) and "Shining Idol" Barbara (hydro/catalyst) characters from this group of 4* characters are also always accessible in the Standard Wish - Wanderlust Invocation without any enhanced drop rates.

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Phase 1 Weapon Banner - Epitome Invocation​

This banner showcases the 5* event-only arrows Aqua Simulacra and The Great First Magic. These are, respectively, Lyney's and Yelan's go-to best-in-class weaponry. The 4* weapons Sacrificial Sword (sword), Favonius Greatsword (claymore), Favonius Lance (polearm), Sacrificial Fragments (catalyst), and Sacrificial Bow (bow) are also depicted on the banner; all of them will see a significant increase in drop rates. The Standard Wish - Wanderlust Invocation also has all of these 4* weapons permanently available without any enhanced drop rates.



Lyney is a brand-new character whose worth is still unclear. It is suggested that players hold off on supporting him for a few days. One of Genshin Impact's greatest characters is Yelan. Due to her affinity for certain elements and inherent DMG potential, she has a very high draw value. It is acceptable to forgo pulling for her if players are anticipating the Hydro Archon or other Fontaine figures. But other from that, choosing to support Yelan is an easy choice.

Bennett is the finest ATK buffer among the 4* characters and also a trustworthy healer/cleanser. Since the beginning, he has continuously been a top-tier character. Having him on the team will be advantageous for any ATK scaling character. Bennett will be the team's top support if Mono Pyro proves to be Lyney's strongest squad.

Everyone has access to Barbara, who is a decent healer. If you utilize Barbara frequently, this will be a step toward earning her C6, if you haven't previously done so. In a Nilou Bloom squad, she can also be utilized, where she can play the role of an enabler.

Like Lyney, Lynette is a brand-new character whose worth is hard to assess at this time. Being an Anemo character, she can at the very least use the Viridicent Venerer artifact set and destroy the elemental RES of foes. One of the best weapon banners ever is this one. The five-star bows are both excellent stat sticks. The passives might only be useful for the character they are intended for, however almost everyone can benefit from the CRIT DMG% sub-stat. Even 4* weapons have a lot of worth.