Genshin Impact Zhongli and Xinyan Review, are they good? Pyrotechnics and Petrification! PC PlayStation iOS Android 

The release of the newest banner is the death and despair of the wallets and whalers all across the Genshin Impact players right now. With Zhongli's banner release, there are two characters that are brand-new that we ought to try, now since the release and I have recently tested the two new character, let's discuss them now.


Shield that Hurts, Xinyan

I enjoyed my time using Xinyan in the test run. Her mechanics are pretty amazing and can be a great supporting cast to the main damage dealers. You need to be quirky and agile on your feet as the player of this character as she attacks with style and flair. Her elemental skill lets you put a shield that damages enemies nearby and continue damaging them if they are close to Xinyan. This sets up more of a thorns effect that will be amazing once you started luring them, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Her elemental burst releases her flames around her something like a burst of flames on a concert. It definitely looks captivating, but the elemental burst also deals both Pyro and Physical damage which makes it hybrid damage as it deals both at the same time. Artifact setting for her should definitely be interesting.


Meteors and Constructs, Zhongli

The star of the show, the "I wish I have primogems to roll for him" character after spending a lot of freemogems and "premium"gems on Tartaglia, a lot of people are raving for Zhongli, but is he that good? Well, biases for Childe aside, he's fun to play with the proper tools. His elemental skill can have great synergies with other geo characters like Geo Traveler and Ningguang, their elemental skills resonate with Zhongli's Elemental Skill "press" which elevates a construct of his own that deals constant AoE Geo damage, putting Geo Traveler's constructs and Ningguang's gates work with this and those will also deal Geo Elemental Damage so you can build some sort of construct-fest and deal with tons of enemies passively. But there's more, Zhongli's Elemental Burst summons a meteor that deals devastating damage and petrifies enemies. This is great as it works both as a way of crowd controlling enemies and finishing them off in one blow. Imagine Venti's Elemental Burst gathering enemies and killing off stragglers with Zhongli's Elemental Burst, now that's a wrap!



The Age of Shields draws near with Diona coming in first and then Xinyan with her own style, Zhongli brings more shields to the battle with his Crystallize elemental reactions so having a defensive lineup is not looking too shabby now, with the Retracing Bolide artifact set you can definitely set up a strong DPS with the shields that Zhongli brings, and also take more damages with the shields of the other units. If you like a unique play style and love the things that you are seeing in the lineup, including the feisty wolf boy, Razor and the chilly exorcist Chongyun in the banner, then you must roll!

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