Genshin Impact's Ascension Material Starconch Guide

Starconch is an ascension material for characters like Childe. If you want to know where to find this material, stay and I'll guide you.


As Childe's banner will reappear in a few weeks, you need to farm as much Starconch you can get before his re-release. You need to go to Liyue, locate Qiongji Estuary and run along the shore. They can also be found in Teleport Waypoint in the Sea of Clouds, specifically in the east part. You can also find Fatui Agents if you chose this path which is also ascension material for Childe. You can head to Guyun Stone Forest and run past the island's outer premises to collect as many Starconch as you can.


Starconch can respawn every 2-3 days, repeat it multiple times before the re-release and surely you can stock up for Childe's repeating banner that will be released in early April. Just be careful in farming on these locations though, since there are quite a few dangerous enemies that you might encounter, like Ruin Hunters, that can result in wiping out your team.


As for the Version 1.4, you can also buy it from Bolai from Liyue Harbor at Wanyou Boutique for 1,000 gold each(maximum 5) and will be restocked after two days but why bother buying it when you can just save that money and collect those materials yourselves. So run along those shores now Traveler!
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