Genshin Impact's Ascension Material Valberry Guide

An ascension material called Valberry for Rosaria, Noelle, and Lisa. If you want to know where you can acquire this stuff, stay and I'll guide you.


Valberry is a plump and translucent berry that has a fragrant smell and sweet refreshing taste. This fruit is a local specialty of Mondstadt. You can specifically find this fruit on Stormbearer Mountains. Explore your surroundings, climb cliffs and maybe, fight some hilichurls to collect this fruit. Each Valberry node has four pieces of fruit inside, so it really is worth the trouble to find. Other locations are Stormbearer Waypoint and further west near Cider Lake.


Although Rosaria is not yet available in the game, Valberry can also be used for Noelle and Lisa. But it's better to stock it already so that when Rosaria is finally available, you'll have Valberries in your disposal. Rosaria is also in the Childe banner.


Other options for acquiring Valberry are growing it yourself or buying it from Botanist Cloris that appears northeast of Statue of Seven at Windrise. Cloris is available from 6am to 7pm as per the game time. You could buy Valberry for 1,000 gold(maximum 5) then it would be restocked after three days. But then you have two other options other than buying it so climb those cliffs, hike the mountain and fight those monsters Travelers!