Genshin Impact's Developers Discussion For Version 1.5 Update

As the 1.5 update of Genshin Impact is nearing, let's hear the answers of the developers for the questions or insights sent by the players.


On April 16th, a Developers' Discussion for the Version 1.5 update happened and these are the notes from there.
  • The consumption of Original Resin for weekly challenges like Dominator of Wolves and Trounce Domain and Lupus Boreas will be adjusted in the upcoming 1.5 update. For further details, check out the Special Program for the Version 1.5.
  • The aiming experience on mobile devices is improved. Three additional adjustment levels were added under the game settings. Camera Sensitivity levels were increased from the original levels of 1-5 to now the adjusted levels of 1-8. There will be now a Camera Acceleration Mode, through this, the camera movement speed will change depending on the speed of your fingers. To adapt to different screen sizes of the mobile devices, a new option was made called UI Border Offset, in which players can adjust the positioning of the UI interface depending on their screen.
  • Players can now see the numbers of items they have on the Crafting, Cooking, and Forging menus.
  • New mail marking function was added meaning that mails that are marked will not be deleted by the Delete All function, however, expired mails will still disappear. Currently, the mail saving function is under development.
  • There is an additional page in the character's profile > voice over, displaying their combat voice lines for players that would like to know what the characters are saying when performing skills.
  • Confirmation message will now pop-up to confirm if players really want to delete a friend.
  • The development team is currently in the process of developing a solution that could further ensure the security of the accounts of players. If done, they will test it in some regions and if no problem arises then it would be implemented to all servers.
  • The problem with the Statue of the Seven is now resolved by the development team. At first, they assumed that maybe the issue may have been on the way that the Statue of the Seven's regeneration rate is recorded in the server. For example, going offline or disconnecting from co-op play. But now, it was already fixed and even if you go offline or disconnect, this will no longer cause the bug to reappear.
The anticipated version 1.5 update is nearing, it's only one week away. Let's all get excited with the new heroes, new enemies, the housing system and a lot more that this update has to offer.
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