Genshin Impact’s Energy Amplifier Fruition event will run until the New Year

As Christmas is already here and the New Year is coming, miHoYo didn’t announce any events dedicated to both holidays, however, miHoYo’s Energy Amplifier Fruition event covers both of the said holidays.

genshin impact.png

The Energy Amplifier Fruition event of Genshin Impact started yesterday and will run until January 3, 2022. In this event, players will meet the Sumeru scholar Hosseini once again in Liyue. Since he has refocused his research on the Energy Amplifier, the event tasks you to help Hosseini. But to help the scholar, players will have to be Adventure Rank 20 or above.


To participate in this event, here is the gameplay summary of Energy Amplifier Fruition event:
  1. Players will receive an Energy Amplifier from Hosseini.
  2. To configure the Energy Amplifier, you’ll have to explore all the Places of Interest in Act 1 to obtain the Irminsul Fruit Fragments which will then help the configuration of the Energy Amplifier.
  3. During this event, complete the challenges from each of the Acts’ Places of Interest to unlock a stage of Deceitful Domain.
  4. Challenge the Deceitful Domain to receive the First Clear Rewards and point accumulation rewards.
During this event, you can challenge the same stage in Deceitful Domain as much as you want to refresh your high score in each stage since the total number of your score from all of the stages will be the deciding factor for the rewards that you will get.


Each of the rewards has a corresponding total combined scores of all the stages so if you reach the target score, you’ll get one of these rewards: Hero’s Wit, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Weapon Ascension Material. Additionally, you can get Primogems for the first clear of each stage in Deceitful Domain.


Remember, once the Energy Amplifier Fruition event ends, you’ll no longer be able to claim the score rewards. Make sure to claim your rewards on time. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas, and a bountiful New Year, Travelers!