Genshin Impact’s Lottery Event will grant Travelers 200 Primogems, Here’s How!

To wish their travelers a happy new year, Genshin Impact releases its Lottery event!

genshin impact lottery event.jpg

As this event is available on various platforms, interested travelers can participate through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They just have to take a screenshot of the GIF from the event post and add the hashtag #GenshinImpactLotteryEvent. Don’t forget to post your GIF screenshot along with your wish.

Players can also use TikTok to participate in the event. Just also take a screenshot of the event video that was posted in Genshin Impact’s official Twitter and add the hashtag #GenshinImpactLotteryEvent. Though aside from posting your screenshot of the video and your wish, travelers must also post it along with their Genshin Impact UID.

However, the event has already ended two days ago as its duration was only between December 30, 2022 to January 3, 2023. But to players that managed to participate in the event, the results will be announced on January 17, 2023. The developers will randomly select 700 winners to receive the reward of 200 Primogems.

But take note that there are rules that you must follow to be able to participate and not be disqualified. Some of these rules are publishing content not related to the event, multiple submissions are allowed but only one prize can be won as the prizes cannot be stacked, and if the issuance of rewards fails due to the player providing the wrong UID, the developers will not re-issue the reward as this was a mistake made by the player. To further read onto the rules set by the developers in this event, read it on the official event page.

Good luck and let’s hope that your entry will be one of the lucky ones to be picked as one of the winners of Genshin Impact’s Lottery event!