Genshin Impact’s map from its first closed beta test shows the early development of all seven regions of Tevyat

Recently, Lumie, the reliable Genshin Impact leaker, has leaked an insightful information about the first closed beta test of the game, which is an old map of Tevyat of all seven nations with a developer’s notes. The old map has been overlaid by Lumie and the translations for the notes were provided by Genshin Intel.

genshin impact.png

According to Lumie, the map has been developed around January of 2021. Meaning, the map has been put together way before Inazuma was released into the game. Another thing to point out is that the developer’s notes are said to have been made around 2019, which is from the first closed beta client, long before Genshin Impact was officially released to the public.

As what we can see, there are several contents from the leaked map that was changed or not included in the official game like Dragonspine being mapped around in the general area of Sumeru, lots of changes on Inazuma’s map, and locations like the “Onsen Fanservice” being omitted from the official game.

But despite these changes, we now have a general idea and possibly, lore spoilers about how the unreleased regions would look like and what they will be named after, which are Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya.

genshin impact map unfinished.png

Fontaine is most likely to be surrounded by riverways, located westwards of Liyue and Mondstadt. Natlan will have a large volcano located southwards at the bottom of the map. There’ll be an NPC named Arabalika, from Sumeru, that may have an involvement with the region as a location named “Arabalika’s Fight Club” is located around the volcano. There’ll be more map expansions of Mondstadt. Lastly, there’s a location named Celestia and Celestia fragments scattered around Tevyat.

As always, as all information was from leaks, it is best not to get your hopes up and take it all in with a grain of salt. Let’s just wait for the official announcement or release of Genshin Impact.