Genshin Impact’s Mimi Tomo Event

Good day, Travelers! Here are the details for the Mimi Tomo event you need to know.



A certain "Unusual Hilichurl" has been spotted gathering its fellow 'churls out in the wild recently... Katheryne of the Adventurers' Guild is thus calling on Travelers to investigate this matter. Together with Hilichurlian expert Ella Musk, find hilichurls that are open to communication and ask them for more information on the whereabouts of the Unusual Hilichurl!

The event gameplay duration has already started last month, May 27 and will run up to June 6. However “The Lost Hilichurl” quest duration will start on June 6 to June 8. Players should already be in Adventure Rank 20 or above to be eligible in this event.



You will need to search for hilichurls that are willing to talk in the Sighting locations. After that, get Ella Musk and look for hilichurls that would like to talk. Hilichurls may ask you to help them complete their commissions.



If you can’t understand them, you could ask for help through the Handy Handbook of Hiluchurlian provided by Ella Musk. After completing the hilichurl’s commission, they will reveal clues on when and where the Unusual Hilichurl may appear.



Search the Unusual Hilichurl and defeat it through the clues given by the hilichurls. Defeat the Unusual Hilichurl and obtain rewards such as Primogems, Furnishing Blueprints, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.



Note that there are seven Sighting Locations available. You can only go through the next location if you are done investigating in the current Sighting Location you are in. That’s all for the Mimi Tomo event. Have fun, Travelers!