Genshin Impact's New Event "Epitome Invocation"

It is a good day indeed! Genshin Impact has now dropped the banner for the new Epitome Invocation that features the 5-star weapons Staff of Homa(Polearm) and Wolf's Gravestone(Claymore).

Epitome Invocation.jpg

Chances of unlocking these weapons have a probability of 0.7% according to the in-game description. Though with the huge drop rates the probability increases to 1.85% for getting the Staff of Homa or Wolf's Gravestone. There is a guarantee that players could get at least one 5-star weapon in 80 attempts.

Epitome Invocation Wolf.jpg

Wolf's Gravestone(Claymore) will be one of the most offensive weapons in the game with a passive ATK bonus of 20%. When hitting an enemy with less than 30% health, the ATK of your entire party will increase up to 40% for 12 seconds because of this weapon. By improving the weapon to its max level the passive ATK bonus will increase up to 40% while when attacking low-health enemies with this, it will increase up to 80%.


One of the recent additions to the Polearm Class, Staff of Homa, the HP is increased by 20% while also allowing a 0.8% ATK bonus based on the max HP of its owner. Although if the HP is less than 50%, the ATK bonus will get an additional 1%.

Together with these 5-star weapons, 4-star weapons are also in the Epitome Invocation that are guaranteed for players to get for every 10 wishes during the event period. These are Lithic Blade(Claymore), Lithic Spear(Polearm), Lion's Roar(Sword), Sacrificial Bow(Bow) and The Widsith(Catalyst). These weapons will have a boosted drop rate of 14.5% including the characters. This event period has already started last Tuesday, February 23 and will end on March 16.