Genshin Impact's Newest Event - Elemental Crucible is now UP! Worth to Resin or not? PC 

It's been weeks since the release of Genshin Impact and people have been wanted to have more content in the game. By this time, the majority of launch players have already reached AR30 or more, caught up to the story, and even might have collected all oculi related to the two regions and now are begging for content. Well, I can tell them to play other games so that they can have more fun. I really can't blame them for having too much fun in GI. So let us talk about the newest event in the game, the Elemental Crucible.

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible a.jpeg

This event starts you off in the City of Mondstadt where you need to meet with Timaeus the local alchemist in the region. By conversing with him, you will be talked about how in the Thousand Winds Temple you ignite "Elemental Crucible" and fight off enemies of various kinds. Win by fending them off and gathering enough "Elemental Clots" to win the challenge. You will be handsomely rewarded with EXP Cards and more per finished session.

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible b.jpg

It is also noteworthy to add that the event will also hand you an "Alchemy Handbook" which lets you in with various missions with different rewards such as Primogems, ascension materials, and more, really worth checking out. Oh, also before you head out, the event is a co-op event so get ready to match with random people or with friends, if you have one, that is.

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible c.png

Is it worth it? Debatable, if you do not have any plans for your resin other than your usual missions then it is definitely worth it than the Leyline Outcrops that are scattered across the world. But for some who like to minmax their stuff, 40 Resin is a steep price for an event. Some people have vented out their frustrations of a no-resin daily so in the future, it might change. Time will tell.

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But what do you think about the event, will you play it the new event? Tell us in the comments and join in the Genshin Impact PH discussion!
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