Genshin Impact's Nonconforming Sister Rosaria

The Cryo-type Polearm user who has been a long rumored NPC is now arriving in the game's playable characters. Genshin Impact has already revealed information about Rosaria.


Given the moniker of "Thorny Benevolence, Nonconforming Sister", Rosaria is an affiliate of Mondstadt's Church of Favonius. miHoYo posted a short story and background about her that let us know what kind of character she is.





The voice actors who lend their voices to give life to Rosaria are Elizabeth Maxwell for English and KAKUMA Ai for Japanese.


A gameplay demo was also posted on Genshin Impact's official YouTube account where Rosaria's attacks, including her Elemental Skill and burst was shown.

Her normal attack that allows her to deal up to five rapid strikes using her Polearm weapon is called "Spear of the Church". Her elemental skill that lets her position herself behind her opponent and slash them, dealing Cryo damage, is called "Ravaging Confession". Her elemental burst that summons an Ice Lance that strikes the ground and deals Cryo and physical damage is called "Rites of Termination".

Although there aren't official release date for Rosaria, it is speculated that she will be part of the "Farewell of Snezhnaya" alongside 5-star character Tartaglia. It will be on April 6, 6 PM up to April 27, 3:59 PM.
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