Genshin Impact’s Sangonomiya Kokomi “Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island”

Guild of Guardians
Genshin Impact’s first anniversary is fast approaching, miHoYo has been working hard at adding new contents as well as characters.


The recent 2.1 update brought out the highly anticipated Raiden Shogun coupled with the continuation of the Inazuma Story as well as new mechanics for the game, now, the 2.1 update has entered its second half putting the spotlight on Sangonomiya Kokomi, who’s heavily featured in the Inazuma Story.


Sangonomiya Kokomi also known as Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and also serves as its supreme leader, is well-versed in the art of war, is good at strategizing, and has keen insights into military affairs. She is also adept at handling domestic affairs, diplomacy, and other matters. She is the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance and its leading tactician. The Resistance and her waging war against the reign of Inazuma’s “eternal shogun.” She was revealed to be joining the playable characters of Genshin impact after the conclusion of the Raiden Shogun banner.

Sangonomiya Kokomi.jpg

Kokomi’s overall styling is themed out of aquatic features, her attacks and abilities is also based on her aquatic theming with her normal attacks taking the form of Hydro-charged fish and her Elemental Skill as the jellyfish. She’s a healer with an Elemental Burst that adds power on her attacks and it also provides several buffs not only to her but also to her allies.

Sangonomiya Kokomi is now available in the playable roster of Genshin Impact. With her character demo being released, her home, Watatsumi Island was also shown off with its striking blue and pink leaves which is a unique feature of this island. Watatsumi Island is also added into the game through the 2.1 update.