Genshin Impact’s Starlit Sky is a Firework Card Collecting and Trading Web Event where you can win real-life rewards

Guild of Guardians
Genshin Impact releases a new web event that Travelers who like collecting cards will enjoy. Introducing "Starlit Sky", the Firework Card Collecting and Trading is a web event that’s now available for players to participate in to earn some awesome rewards.

starlit sky.jpg

If interested to participate in this event, you must be in Adventure Rank 10 or above and during the event, collect and trade Firework Cards. To win physical or in-game prizes, you must first meet the certain criteria set in regards to the types of cards you have collected for you to unlock the Prize Draw and enter it.

Starlit Sky started last February 5 and will stay available until February 11. However, for the prize draw results in this event, it will be announced on February 13. Add to that, the duration for claiming the in-game rewards will be until February 19.

Collect Firework Cards and put them in your Inventory. To obtain more of these cards, complete Daily Tasks. But if you’ve obtained cards that you already have, you can swap it with your friends through the Firework Swap. Also, each time you collect, you’ll always get one random card. After you have collected all Firework Card types, you’ll finally be eligible to enter into the Fireworks Prize Draw, where you can win more physical prizes.

Aside from the rewards that you will receive after collecting all 11 Firework Cards, which are Primogems and other in-game rewards, you can also win iPhone 14 Pro Max or PlayStation 5 or iPad mini 6 through the Fireworks Prize Draw. Participating in the Prize Draw will also give you Mora and other in-game rewards.

To know more about this event, go here. Best of luck in the Fireworks Prize Draw!