Genshin Impact's Wishful Drops Event Guide for Travelers

Genshin Impact's latest event, Wishful Drops, is now live. Investigate why the water sources on the border between Mondstadt and Liyue have turned bitter and help save Mondstadt's wine industry before it's too late!


Event Details​

Event Duration​

2021/04/09 10:00 – 2021/04/16 03:59 (Server Time)

Event Eligibility/Requirements​

Adventure Rank 20 or higher

Event Summary​

Wishful Drops is an upcoming Oceanid event in Genshin Impact. During this event, Travelers can equip Inquisitive Endora to capture Oceanid Creatures in designated areas. Increase area exploration progress and complete quests to earn rewards including the commemorative Gadget "Endora," Hearts of the Spring, and Primogems. After completing the event challenge "Rhodeia's Rage," Travelers can use either a Heart of the Spring or Original Resin to obtain Character EXP Materials and other rewards.

Event Rewards​


How to Play Wishful Drops | Gameplay Details​

Endora's Education

It is important to take note that travelers must first complete the pre-requisite quest, "Life Flows On (I)". Upon completing this, players will obtain the event-limited Gadget "Inquisitive Endora" and exploration areas will slowly unlock over time.


Equip Inquisitive Endora from your inventory and summon her in an exploration area. However, if you are not in an exploration area, she will not answer you summons.
Upon equipping Inquisitive Endora, the player's Elemental Skill will be replaced with Endora's Bubble Spit ability. Travelers can switch between skills as needed.
Players can use Bubble Spit to capture certain enemies. Pressing and holding the Bubble Split skill will allow you to adjust the skill's distance. Aim at Oceanid Creatures and hold the Elemental Skill for the appropriate amount of time to capture them.
Endora can only absorb Oceanid Creatures after restraining them with Bubble Spit, and then increasing the area's exploration progress. Players can also use Cryo to to capture the Oceanid creatures easier. Once an area is fully explored, players can obtain rewards for that area.
Players will be rewarded with a 'Heart of the Spring' upon completing an exploration area. These will be used to get rewards from the event Boss Fight, Rhodeia's Rage as a substitute for Original Resin.

Note: You may only get one rewards package one time per Heart of the Spring.

Exploration Areas

Area I: Sunlit Mountainside

Area II: Wavering Waterweeds (Unlocks on 2021/04/10)
Area III: Edge of the Horizon (Unlocks on 2021/04/11)
Area IV: Mesmerizing Lakeshore (Unlocks on 2021/04/12)
Area V: Homeward Path (Unlocks on 2021/04/13)

Rhodeia's Rage

During this event, the event challenge "Rhodeia's Rage" will be added to the Oceanid's arena. Travelers may select which challenge to undertake. After the event challenge begins, the game will enter a special challenge mode in which pausing and teleporting will be disabled.


This challenge can be done in Single Player or Co-Op and selected characters will receive bonuses when used during the challenge. It is recommended to fight Rhodeia with these characters if you have them!

Rhodeia will be demonstrating new attacks and will be more difficult to defeat. During combat, water platforms called 'Fitful Rapids' will appear in the arena. Using these strategically will allow you to avoid Rhodeia's powerful attacks. After completing the event challenge, use either a Heart of the Spring or Original Resin to obtain Character EXP Materials and other rewards from the Purewater Reverie.
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