Get Isekaied Once More: The Rising of the Shield Hero gets an upcoming game

Guild of Guardians
For anime fans out there, we all know how the Rising of the Shield Hero gained a lot of fame and notoriety together when it released its anime last year. There are those who loved it because it was not afraid to bring topics such as false accusation and spinning around the content of the hero being disgraced before "rising" up. The same goes for its infamy because there are those who do not believe in false accusations and believe that it just follows a trope all along. Well, hate it or love it, it has grown enough to get an upcoming game soon.


The Rising of the Shield Hero: RERISE is an upcoming game that we still have no idea what it will be. But if you let me guess, it might be a hero collector and/or an RPG genre. While we still have no idea what really is, that's all we can do. It is to guess. Apparently, there is also running a pre-registration campaign in which certain rewards will be gained when 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, and 300,000 pre-registrations have been received in their lists. With the rewards looking like coins, it might be an in-game currency and a premium currency which might spell gacha...


And I am all about that adrenaline rush since we cannot expect it to have a global release, if we look at the game demographic in Japan, then yes this might be a gacha game, but all we can do is guess. You can never go wrong with Shield Hero characters, most of them have interesting character plots and backgrounds, especially once you dive into the light novel characters which set up a lot of interesting possibilities if they add it early in the game.

With the series receiving another season soon, this is a perfect time to strike the iron while it's hot. I am visibly upset that this might not get a global release, at least have an English translation so I can get to roll my Raphtalia waifu, please? For more information about this, join the discussion and stay tuned!