Get Ready For The Next Challenge: Tekken 7 Online Challenge Announced

Guild of Guardians
With the Tekken World Tour 2020 utterly canceled this year due to the danger that still poses by COVID-19, BANDAI NAMCO manages to keep up the spirit of the Iron Fist as they opt for an alternative event for Tekken players around the globe to showcase their skills through Tekken 7 Online Challenge (TOC).

Tekken 7 Online Challenge a.jpg

This open tournament will be done completely online but do not fret because it is still as grand as the World Tour that will take the battle in different regions around the world until the end of the year. The good news here is that the Philippines is among the selected countries that TOC will be launch.

Of course, a tournament will never be completed without an exhibition match. This year's math is expected to be epic in proportions as two legends of Tekken game namely Pok Chop and Anakin will hype the whole online arena with their duel to test who among them will not choke against the barrage of kicks and punches.

Tekken 7 Online Challenge b.png

The complete tournament rules of TOC is for releasing soon but as of now, based on their pre-tournament rules, all matches will be under a Double Elimination format where gamers can still have a chance to clinch Grand Champion title even with one defeat by doing their best at the Loser's Bracke. All matches will follow the Best of 3 scheme with the Grand Finals under Best of 5. There is also a Winner Lock Rules where players can not switch with from any of the characters unless they are defeated in between the Match Set.

Sequence mapping of the buttons is banned by the organizer and two characters in the game namely Jack 7 Preset 3 and 4 as well as Gigas Preset 3 is also forbidden for use.

In addition to this, a Special Match Set will also be held for the Grand Champion of the tournament wherein the organizers will pit him or her with pre-selected players for a chance to win a dominating match and much bigger prizes.

Below is the schedule of TOC around the globe for the next couple of months:
  • Pre-Event US West (August 15-16
  • EU West (September 12-13)
  • Korea (September 19-20)
  • US East (September 26-27)
  • EU North (October 10-11)
  • Australia (October 17-18)
  • US Central (October 24-25)
  • EU Southwest (November 7-8)
  • Philippines (November 14-15)
  • US West (November 21-22)
  • Japan (November 5-6)

More information is available at Tekken Online Challenge Official Website so go check them out for further announcements and updates regarding the online tournament.