Get Ready to Dive Into a Next-Level Gaming Experience in SUPER PEOPLE

Announced last week, SUPER PEOPLE is gearing up for their final beta test before heading to Early Access later this year. At a recent developer livestream on June 15th, Wonder People showed off a brand new class coming to the game, big quality of life improvements and new customization options for characters.


One of the most exciting announcements from the developer livestream was the news of SUPER PEOPLE’s brand new class, The Titan. This new soldier is equipped with a powerful shield and combat skills that allow them to scatter enemies in formation and create an invaluable chance for their allies to take advantage of the opportunity. This ability may just turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop. Players that master this class may just find themselves trying out completely new strategies that weren’t possible during previous tests.


Since previous beta tests, Wonder People have used valuable user feedback in order to enact game improvements. The final beta test will include an improved crafting system with simplified recipes and more locations for farming materials to keep hotspots from getting crowded, improved field of view and many other UI/UX updates.


Wonder People have also addressed security issues by implementing a new system that will eliminate hacks and cheats. Players that attempt to abuse the system will be permanently banned. The goal of this is to keep SUPER PEOPLE as fair and fun as possible.


Brand new to the game? SUPER PEOPLE has a new player assistance system that allows new soldiers to learn the rules and strategies step-by-step before jumping into the fray. Learn how to equip different weapons, keep yourself safe with defensive gear and more. Not only that, but a new soldier’s barracks will allow players a safe place to test out their weapons and abilities.


Wonder People Director Seong-Gon Park said, “We have read all the user comments and feel a great sense of responsibility to deliver an exciting game. As developers, we are doing our best to deliver the best gaming experience that is both fun and seamless so please look forward to our final beta in August.”

About Wonder People

Korean game developer founded by game enthusiasts and industry veteran Min Hur, a leading figure in the Korean game industry who founded Neople and developed the hit game Dungeon and Fighter Online.

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