Getting Started with Roguards English Patch


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Sep 20, 2018
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This Document will be updated whenever there will something change on the process on how to get this patch working.


1. Become a Patreon
Becoming a patreon for our project is necessary in order to use the patch.

To be able to become a Patreon, go to, create an Account on and pledge to our project.

Whitelist Pricing
Based on how much you support us with you get access to a specific amount of slots on the whitelist.

Tier Level 1: 2$ = 1Slot
Tier Level 2: 3$ = 2Slots
Tier Level 3: 4$ = 4Slots
Tier Level 4: 5$ = 6Slots
Tier Level 5: 6.50$ = 8Slots
Tier Level 6: 8$ = 10Slots

Note: it is not allowed to have more then one patreon account. we do not give support to people with multiple accounts if they run into problems. Patreon is also banning users who owns more then one account. so be aware.

2. Install the English Patch
2.1 Use one of the following guides to install our English Patch:

3. Start the Ragnarok Mobile Client and login with your game account.
One of the most important things is, that you have to be aware of the fact that this english patch is a hobby project. We can not influence how XD updates their clients, and because of this, the client could break in some rare cases, which makes it necessary to reinstall the client.

Because of this, we highly recommend to not use a guest account, register an account with the possibilities available. Otherwise your entire progress could be lost when the client breaks, and we do not take any responsibility for this, it is your own decision to use the english patch. But as we said, if you have your account linked to an email / registered correctly, it will not be a problem to log back in after the client has been fixed.

4. A Popup will appear after some seconds, showing your your AccountID, write this down, you need it for later.

5. Go to
register an account and login with this one (username and password are the credentials you have to use for login, not the email. the email is only for recovery purpose if you forget your username or password)

6. Connect with Patreon
once logged in, connect this roguard account with patreon by tapping the button "Connect with patreon". (NOTE: it can take up to 15 minutes before the function can be used)

7. Grant us permission to connect to your patreon Account
you will be redirected to patreon to connect the roguard account with your patreon account. this is necessary that we know if you have a valid pledge.

8. Whitelist your account
once connected, you will be able to add the account ids to the whitelist which will be shown in the UCP then.