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    Its no secret the game developers aren't the most prominent or lucrative jobs in the Philippines as there isn't much opportunity to begin with. So let us introduce the team behind Gilator, a 4 man indie game dev team in the Philippines.


    That's right Gilator is composed of only 4 members small yet talented in their field. With a small team they have already made some achievements, for example, they developed an MMORPG game called Pacifica Online within 6 months.


    Galileo acts as the lead programmer for the games developed by Gilator


    Donie is the game designer, story writer and responsible for the game's music


    Jet is the art director as well as the 3D artist for the team


    Justine is the illustrator and game animator


    You may be asking how a small team managed to accomplish these things, well it's not always sun and sunshine. According to the team due to limitations the team became resourceful enough and use open source software, tools, and components to create games.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Gilator team also shares their journeys and encourages upcoming Filipino game developers in the country as they participate in conferences and hold seminars to inspire the youth in the game development industry.


    So whats next for Gilator? EDGE OF TIME!!!


    The team has an upcoming title called Edge of Time according to the description this is "A 3D action & puzzle video game series about humanity's war against a horde of immortal monsters that threatens mankind with extinction".

    Gameplay and Impressions

    To top all of that the game is available for download as a demo here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Demo content is the episode 1 called "Edge of Time Ep 1: Rise of the Aeus". This game is still in "early access" and currently in development so expect some bugs.


    Edge of Time is also going to have un upcoming kick starter this 2018 so if you want to support the game you can be notified here https://edgeoftime.download/subscribe/?ref=gamejolt-page and get enlisted for future updates

    Edge of Time Kickstarter Promo Trailer

    If you like the progress of gaming in the Philippines lets support them as the future is bright not just for the team but in gaming in general as this could lead new opportunities that can foster the gaming community in our country.
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  2. joker25

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    how cool and interesting. knowing there were filipino people behind.
    slowly, the skills that a few filipino posses are about to shine.
    grats guys.
  3. sarisari

    sarisari Casual Gamer

    up for this, dapat supportahan natin mga gawang pinoy iilan na nga lang sila
  4. Olive Pascual

    Olive Pascual Newbie Gamer

    Wow! That's amazing! Thanks for sharing this info. It's great to know that there are filipinos who have competitive skills in game development. Congrats! By the way, there are mobile game dev engines which aspiring game developers should know. You will learn more from this article Mobile Game Development Engines.

    Always learn new things. This will help you get to where you want to be. You will be inspired by this post:
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  5. Bantillo

    Bantillo Newbie Gamer

    i like this you should feature more Filipino game developers or do an interview

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