Girls Frontline Collaborates with Gunslinger Girls AND The Division

What do you get when you have a gacha game filled with anthropomorphic guns, an ongoing chaos and strife together with a dystopian future, an intriguing plot. But combine them with other series that contain their own catastrophe and cybernetic girls, collaborations, of course! When the theme and plot fits, collaborations work like peanut butter and jelly, a fantastic mix! Today, we'll talk about Girls' Frontline and their upcoming collaborations in the future.

What is Girls' Frontline?

But before we can talk about the collaborations, we need to dive deeper in Girls' Frontline. GFL is a gacha game where you collect T-Dolls, anthropomorphic version of small arms such as handguns, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns. So gun enthusiasts who also loves waifus might find this game really interesting! But there's more, from these T-Dolls you can form an echelon where these groups will be sent to maps with linked nodes in order to fulfill the necessary objective.

The gameplay is basically a strategy puzzle which in order to successfully finish a mission, you need to do what needs to be done according to the objectives. When you and the enemy meet in a same area, a battle is ensued. While it is automated, the player can use the skills of every T-Dolls to work in their advantage together with making sure that the formation they use is optimal.

This is due to having proper formations can lead to stat enhancements which will definitely help you boost your chances of winning!

The story goes like this, T-Dolls are now used in a dystopian version of Earth as 90% of the world's population has fallen due to a catastrophic tech known as "Collapse Fluid" leaked into the air and making most lands uninhabitable, now with a rampaging AI called Sangvis Ferry trying to rebel, killing their human masters, you are tasked as one of the commanders of the private army, Grifon & Kryuger to fight back against Sangvis Ferry.

There is a rich lore to everything that has happened so far but we will not put it here to avoid information overload and as well for you to see for yourself what they have in store.

Gunslinger Girl and the Division, Meanwhile?

It follows a charitable organization in Italy named as Social Welfare Agency (the Agency, for short) focusing on treating the physically injured but it was really a counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism group.

One of the branches of Spec Ops, involves using girls who have traumatic and near-death experiences as agents with cybernetic features. These girls have a handler or basically a male trainer which is referred to "fratello" or a brother, in which they are free to do anything in order to keep their agents in top shape.

The Agency's goal is to counter the Padania Republic Front (PRF or RF) which has goals to make Northern Italy free from the country but with the methods of bribery and terrorism.

The Division meanwhile, tackles the "Dollar Flu" which handles is a deadly virus that has devastated major cities across America. However, the US Government handled the issue by putting sleeper agents amongst the population which operate for the Strategic Homeland Division or "the Division", which assists various organizations such as the emergency responders, National Guardsmen and the Joint Task Force to restore order.

Then from there on out, you follow a story where you find your way through various areas to find a cure and stop a fellow Division member going rogue and disrupting your missions.


While these two have different plots altogether it has correlations to the main game having a collaboration to. Girls' Frontline and Gunslinger Girls for example, has both girls which has been cybernetically enhanced or is not a human altogether in order to stop a malevolent force in destroying humanity altogether.

Meanwhile the Division is helping other organizations in restoring order and eventually finding a cure against the deadly disease while GFL is known to have the "Collapse Fluid" which caused massive population lost and majority of Earth's land uninhabitable. Combining the two collaborations that GFL is making you can really see the connection of these games to the main game.

When is the Collaboration?

The GFL x Gunslinger Girls collaboration will have been teased a summer 2020 release, together with some characters that have been announced, see which interests you if you play the game and know both (look above for the characters)!

Meanwhile, for the Division collaboration, this is a big one. Since it's a first time that a triple A game publisher has opened its thoughts for a collaboration in a non-Western gacha game, it will be interesting in how it will happen. Anyways, it has a date of winter 2020, that's a lot of time to cook something interesting, so let's see what they got?


GFL has proven time and time again that gacha games can be free to play friendly while maintaining a great story, character, world building and still get collaborations that are truly interesting and fit to the game itself. Like one reddit comment I saw, it's nice to see that they pick out games that can be integrated well with what's happening to the game itself. Gunslinger Girl with the same concept of an enhanced individual to fight against the enemy and The Division fighting a way for humanity's safety as a deadly catastrophe has struck Earth.

If you play the game, let us know your thoughts about this collaboration in the comments below!