Global Focus on the new anime collectible Mobile RPG ‘Eversoul’! Make the most everlasting contract on 2023/01/05, start Souls summoning!

The ‘Eversoul’ officials have announced that ‘Eversoul’, a brand new collectible mobile RPG—developed by Nine Ark Inc., licensed by Kakao Games, and operated by Glohow—is officially going online today on Jan. 5th from South Korea and around the globe! Players worldwide (unavailable in some countries) can now download and install the game on Android and iOS. Let us step into the world of ‘Eversoul’ and make the most everlasting contract with the Souls!


‘Eversoul’ is officially going online! A quick tour of the game for new players


Be on an adventure with marvelous and beautiful Soul

One of the unique points of the game—there are 42 Soul characters divided into 6 different types in the world of ‘Eversoul’: Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, Undead, Angel, and Demon. Every Soul looks different with their own charm, personality and type. They also own unique avatars for you to put on! Besides, the Souls are divided into different birth rarities, such as common, epic. Saviors can also complete unique “Love Stories” with the Souls. The Official Team is currently preparing these stories for our Saviors. We asked all Saviors to look forward to our new updates after launch!

The players pre-registered before launch will receive an epic Soul ‘Mica’ in the mail when the server goes online! Moreover, compatibility relationships exist between some Souls, such as ‘Mica’ and ‘Seeha’. Please explore the relationships in the world of ‘Eversoul’ for more content and add ‘Mica’ to your collection!


All kinds of dungeons to build the team types of your own

Besides the combats in the main storyline in ‘Eversoul’, in the various dungeons, the players must strategize and deeply understand the elements, skills, and types of the Souls to clear the dungeons. On a battlefield that requires puzzle-solving amid sudden enemy attacks, the playstyle and choice-making skill of the player will decide how the dungeon run goes in the end!


A private message system to increase bonds and unlock hidden storylines

Like real-life message apps, players can use “Evertalk” to private chat with the Souls. With each conversation, gifting and dating, gradually collect Bond points. Not only can the players learn more about each Souls’ personality and preferences, but it is also possible to unlock hidden Love Stories and illustrations! If you enjoy ‘Bond Systems’ in games, it is possible to receive ‘special messages’ in ‘Ever Talk’ from the Souls~!


Build a town of your own and go on sweet dates with the Souls

The Eversoul town system has a unique point—private land and commercial district. In the developed commercial district, players will encounter the Souls they’ve obtained, chat with them to raise bonds, or even go on a sweet date. And on the undeveloped open private land, besides building your own housing, you can also give the house to your favorite Souls. When the Soul felt well-rested in it, their combat stats would be increased.

For the detailed game introduction, please refer to the official Facebook fan page and website for further information.


To celebrate the launch of ‘Eversoul’, the official has announced the “Mica’s Wonderful Stage” grand launch event. By liking and sharing the event post on the official Facebook fan page, players will have a chance to get Eversoul’s useful in-game item! On another note, when the likes and share counts reach certain milestones, the Soul Mica will give out Everstones for all the participating Saviors. Let’s all join in the opening concert and celebrate the launch of ‘Eversoul’!

Event Rules
  • Like + share the event post; make sure to set it in Public Mode!
  • Celebrate the gorgeous launch of ‘Eversoul’ with Mica in the comments! Look forward to her wonderful stage.
Reward Details
  • Goal 1: Reach 50 Shares; all Saviors will receive 300 Everstones from Mica!
  • Goal 2: Reach 200 Like/Reacts; all Saviors will receive 300 Everstones from Mica!
Event Deadline
  • 2023/1/17 23:59
And for more info, news, and events during the game launch, please refer to the official Facebook Fan page or website for further information.

About Kakao Games

Kakao Games is a multi-platform game developer and publisher in Korea, with minds set on game design and development. The company wishes to bring top-quality AAA online games to players. Had successfully released MMORPGs such as "Black Desert (North American/EU server)" and other popular games like "PUBG (Korean Server)" in the past, to this day, Kakao Games is still working hard on developing high-quality games across PCs and mobiles.

About Nine Ark Inc.

Nine Ark Inc. is a team of developers with shared experience in game design, having created "Atlantica Online" and "Legion of Heroes" etc. in the past. As a game studio, they are with great potential and adaptability in the PC and mobile game industry. Established since September 2019 and led by CEO Lee Gun (이건), the seasoned game developers with proficient knowledge at the studio are giving everything they got for the launch of Eversoul.

About Glohow

Glohow is a global game business partner that provides segmentally consulting, marketing, promoting, customer service, localization, and more. With headquarter located in Singapore and branches in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. As a global co-publishing business company, they have become a subsidiary of Kakao Games in 2020. Famous for "Odin: Valhalla Rising", "Final Blade", "Rogue Life", "Ragnarok M: Eternal Love", "King’s Raid" and "Guardian Tales".

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