Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2023 - Every mobile game announcement you need to know

One of Korea's largest video game trade and consumer events, G-STAR 2023 is almost here. From November 16 to November 19, 2023, the event is scheduled to take place in the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center in Korea. The announcements regarding mobile gaming that will be made at G-STAR 2023 are definitely something every gamer is thrilled about.


From massive Open World RPGs on consoles to cutting-edge Sci-Fi MMORPGs, this event promises to reveal some of the most anticipated games, with a number of premieres making their public debuts. In addition, there will be a Sub Culture Festival, the BTC and BTB Exhibitions, the G-STAR Indie Awards, and much more at the event. Below are the following mobile games that will be revealed at G-STAR in 2023.

Lost Ark Mobile​

Smilegate can finally take the stage with the announcement of Lost Ark Mobile. Fans were shown the VR demo of the game, which was already expected to be featured at the event. This ground-breaking massively multiplayer online role-playing game is built on the IP of the original Lost Ark game and runs on the Unreal Engine 5.


Based on the original IP of Netmarble F&C, Grand Cross, DEMI RE:BORN is a collectible role-playing game for mobile devices. In order to save chaos and the end of the world, players, called Connectors, set off on journeys. The gameplay is made more complex by the inclusion of Transcendents, which are contemporary reimaginings of legendary and historical figures. The game will be only available for mobile devices.

Project BSS​

Of the five games that NCSOFT revealed in 2022, Project BSS—their next PC and mobile game—was the most notable. The game's noteworthy aspect is how it draws on the Blade & Soul universe to create a distinctive role-playing game. When it releases, aficionados of the genre may choose it as their go-to game because it appears to be a tactical setup with five heroes and has very beautiful graphics.


The RF Project, created by Netmarble, revitalizes the well-known IP RF Online with the help of Unreal Engine 5. The classic IP debuted in 2004 and has been in production for more than 20 years. RF Online Next is a futuristic massively multiplayer online role-playing game that will immerse players in a sci-fi setting and feature massive realm vs. realm combat spanning three continents. The game is planned for PC and mobile platforms.

Project G​

Project G, which appears to be quite large and allows you to command a diverse cast of characters in epic group battles with an added thrill of a command operation system, is the latest addition to NCSOFT's impressive catalog of releases. The environment of the game is loaded with content, which when combined with the fun elements of strategy and simulation gaming, guarantees a happy experience as players progress and develop, making the game well worth the wait.


Another NCSOFT game that offered us an overview was PUZZUP AMITOI, an easy-to-enjoy match-3 game with several interesting modes and endearing characters that keep you playing and help you create a variety of puzzle-solving experiences. The addition of a clan structure enhances the overall puzzle-solving experience by introducing new content, such as territorial warfare.

Dark and Darker Mobile​


For the first time since announcing that it had obtained the sole permission to produce this masterpiece for mobile devices, KRAFTON unveiled the mobile version of the hugely successful game, Dark & Darker. With a 2024 release date, Dark and Darker Mobile seeks to combine the depth of role-playing games, dungeon crawlers, and battle royale survival features to produce an incredible gameplay experience that retains the essential elements of the original game.


Given that it was announced in February 2023, BATTLE CRUSH, the next action game from NCSOFT, may already be well known to us. Even so, more of the game—which is still in the closed beta phase—was revealed during the event, with the official trailer offering gamers a preview of what to expect. This five-minute video covered a lot of ground in terms of functionality, graphics, and gaming dynamics. The game will be available on PC and mobile devices.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin​

Players explore the expansive continent of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin in open-world fashion in an effort to gather the coveted Star Fragments. By putting together a team of heroes from the manga and anime series Four Knights of the Apocalypse and The Seven Deadly Sins, players can customize their own fighting style in this role-playing game. During the Game Developers Conference in 2023, we were also able to see a preview of its amazing gameplay. The game will be available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.