Global new collectible Mobile RPG Eversoul Special Show official program interview content has been released!

Eversoul, a brand new collectible mobile RPG — developed by Nine Ark Inc., licensed by Kakao Games, and operated by Glohow has rounded off the first 'Eversoul Special Show' on December 22, 2022.


There were fascinating conversations between streamers and interesting quick question-and-answer sessions during the interview. By watching the interview between the CEO and PD of the Eversoul developer, Nine Ark Inc, users can get to know the worldview and attraction of Eversoul much better.

No wonder the program got an overwhelming response after the special show was released. There was lots of positive feedback such as "Hope the game will be released soon.", "This game is so exquisite.", "The characters are so beautiful." and "The OST is so super brainwashing that I want to download." During the living stream yesterday. Eversoul is also planned to be released on 5th January, 2023. Hope that users can seize the final opportunity of pre-register period and get the luxurious reward!


A short vision of the Q&A of Eversoul developers
Q: Introduction of the game 'Eversoul' and its worldview

PD: Eversoul, which is a collection-type RPG with a fantasy worldview ‘Doomsday'. It presents skill animations with gorgeous visual art and is available for users to experience the benefit of strategic features that can be freely combined with various Souls. Cut into the beginning of the game from the perspective of "what if we ordinary people can use super powers...?", and use the fantasy of "everything around has its own Souls" to start the Soul-adventure world.

Q: How could users develop the affection with Souls in Eversou?
PD: The "Love Story system" allows users to develop affection with their Souls. Users can communicate with Soul through "Evertalk," and also can carry out different interactions in Town including Outing with Soul or offering them presents. After finishing those, the user will receive "Soul Bond Points," and when points reach a certain point, the "Love Story" that exists for each soul is opened. "Love Story" is a content that shows the stimulation of relationships with our lovely Souls. Depending on the user's choice, it will be divided into three final ends. If users are successful in watching 'True Ending', users can obtain a unique costume related to the Soul.

Q: Apart from the main contents of the game, is there any 'Enjoyment' that you would like to recommend?
PD: There is a "Custom Profile" that allows users to freely customize their profiles, similar to the profile picture of the Messenger application. Users can use this method to freely edit and create their own profile using pictures or illustrations of characters they've gathered while playing the game. The game allows users to display their preferred Souls to their friends.

At the same time, in order to enhance the happy atmosphere at the end of the year, the official will also release a new OST on the official Asia YouTube channel today (23) to welcome the upcoming Christmas season. All users who love the song of Eversoul, don't pass it up!

In addition to the program-related content and update plans released above, users can also get to know more about any game-related information through the Eversoul official fan page or ASIA official website!

About Kakao Games

Kakao Games is a multi-platform game developer and publisher in Korea, with minds set on game design and development. The company wishes to bring top-quality AAA online games to users. Had successfully released MMORPGs such as "Black Desert (North American/EU server)" and other popular games like "PUBG (Korean Server)" in the past, to this day, Kakao Games is still working hard on developing high-quality games across PCs and mobiles.

About Nine Ark Inc.

Nine Ark Inc. is a team of developers with shared experience in game design, having created "Atlantica Online" and "Legion of Heroes" etc. in the past. As a game studio, they are with great potential and adaptability in the PC and mobile game industry. Established since September 2019 and led by CEO Lee Gun (이건), the seasoned game developers with proficient knowledge at the studio are giving everything they got for the launch of Eversoul.

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