Global OverWatch Tournament - July 31 2016 - PHP 15,000 (Online)

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  1. Event

    Elite Gamer
    Team: [PinoyGamer]

    Title: Global Overwatch Tournament
    Game: OverWatch

    Hi, Overwatch Players!
    Entry fee is consider as signing up in VIEWME site and E-mail as well. See the attached pictures and follow the format!

    Tournament system

    - Unlimited applicants
    *Within the Philippines ONLY
    - Maximum of 6 members in 1 group
    - Online Ranking System
    - Send group information through E-mail
    ([email protected])
    *PLEASE follow format in attached picture below

    2. Sponsor and Ad
    - We accept sponsor and Ad if you want inquire send E-mail
    ([email protected])

    3. Reference
    - ShowBT FB:
    - VIEWME site:

    Event Date: July 31, 2016
    Call time / check in : 9 to 10 am

    Prize Details:
    Champions: PHP 15,000
    Second Place: PHP 10,000
    Third Place : PHP 5,000

    Registration Fee:
    *To check if you are register in the VIEWME site send me your ID attached in email.
    *Each members should sign up

    Address: Online Tournament


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