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    Hi guys just want to share a tip to speed up you broadband speed using googles public dns,

    Steps and Procedures
    1. Search "Google Public DNS" on google or go to this link
    2. You will see a provided DNS by google and use this to your Globe Tattoo Broadband.
    3. Start > Search Globe Tatoo Broadband > Tools > Options > Profile Management > Create New Profile
    Profile Name: "Any Name"​
    APN (static):
    Authentication (access number): *99***1#

    Go to advance > DNS Settings
    Then use the Google Public DNS​
    1. Save then use your created settings then test your connection
    2. If working make it your defaut, if not feel free to use your previous settings
    Globe Tutorial:

    If you are already using this kindly share your experiences or problems using this.
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