God of War Plot – Chapter Twelve: Immortal curse


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May 18, 2021
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God of War Plot – Chapter Twelve. The road to Jotunheim is not far away, what awaits them in the land of the Giants? Will Kratos and Atreus’s journey end here?

  • The Breaker
  • Back to Helheim
  • Immortal curse

The Breaker

Returning to the top of the mountain where they first met Mimir was easier now that Kratos can now destroy the bushes blocking the path with the flames of the Blade of Chaos.

Reaching the top of the mountain. Atreus uses the rune he had learned from beneath Tyr’s treasury to carve the front of the pillar. Kratos then proceeds to take the magic chisel to activate the gate.

By activating the rune, the magic begins to form to create a path through Jotunheim.

Before he could rejoice because the trip was successful, Mimir loudly warned Kratos to be careful. From behind, Baldur lunged at the God of War and bounced Kratos back to the pillar which was acting as a medium to create a portal to Jotunheim.

God of War Plot - Chapter Twelve: Baldur and Freya
Gate to Jotunheim
He frantically attacked Kratos and took a sharp piece of rock and pinned Kratos’ body to the pillar. Pained by the attack, the father asks his son to leave him and go to Jotunheim. However, Atreus’s unruly nature resurfaced. The boy repeatedly shot Baldur with arrows to make him release Kratos.

With his immortal body, Baldur did not suffer from the attack. Not only that but also used his strength to knock Atreus away.

God of War Plot - Chapter Twelve: Baldur and Freya
Baldur attacks Kratos again
At the same time, Kratos also broke free of Baldur’s restraint and counterattacked. The god of war used the strength of his two arms to hold Baldur tightly and he rushed towards the pillar. But so the gate also collapsed to destroy the active gate.

Even that, Atreus still disobeyed Kratos and tried to attack Baldur, even using an electric enchanted arrow to make Kratos unable to move. Seeing Atreus attack Kratos amused Baldur because the father-son relationship between Kratos and Atreus is as bad as his own family.

Ignoring his father’s words, Atreus rushed in and used the knife Kratos had given him earlier to pierce Baldur’s immortal body. But instead of being in pain, Baldur was just happy that the boy had fallen into his trap. Pulling the knife out of his body, he stabbed the boy and knocked Atreus unconscious from the pain, then grabbed his body and ran away.


Back to Helheim

Dropping down from the top of the mountain, Baldur landed on the body of a giant dragon to flee. But at the same time, Kratos was able to control his body to fly down to chase. And finally, the God of War succeeded in staying down on the dragon’s tail.

Angered by Kratos’ stubbornness and took a lot of damage from the Greek God. However, understanding that he could not fight to defeat Baldur’s immortal body. Kratos deliberately used the Blades of Chaos to cut off one of the dragon’s wings and fall to the ground.

God of War Plot - Chapter Twelve: Baldur and Freya
Keep fighting on Dragon
At the same time, Kratos also fell from above and fell into the area of the temple of Tyr. At this point, the God of War immediately ran into the Travel Room, at the same time Baldur was using this place to run away. The two continued to struggle while the door to the room was not closed.

In a sudden moment, Kratos activates the room and causes the energy inside to work. Sucking all 3 out of the place while teleporting.

God of War Plot - Chapter Twelve: Baldur and Freya
Kratos active the gate to make Baldur gives up
Although Baldur still manages to hold onto Atreus while being pulled away by gravity, Kratos rushes in and takes his son back. Eventually, Kratos successfully pushed Baldur out of Atreus and landed in a strange area, apparently Helheim.

Immortal curse

Finding his son lying next to him, Kratos became angry and uttered threats and criticized Atreus’ lack of emotion. And to educate the boy, Kratos says that we are both here because of Atreus’ loss of control, and never forget what happened today.

Surrounding the two was the cold blue of Helheim. Kratos and Atreus must find their way back to Midgard and escape from Baldur. However, the place was turned into chaos because the Gatekeeper was killed by Kratos. Not only that, images of Atreus’s wrongdoing constantly appear to hurt the boy’s soul.

Even so, the two still focused and tried to find a way out of this place. But while climbing over a ruined place. The two accidentally see an illusion of Baldur’s memories. Memories have Baldur and Freya’s appearance.

Baldur and Freya
It turns out, both are mother and son. Those memories are eating away at Baldur, from the past, Freya made magic that made Baldur immortal. But in return, he couldn’t feel anything else, no pain, no pleasure, no joy… And that made him hate what Freya did. The selfishness is from Freya’s love, she was afraid of the predictions about Baldur’s death, so she performed magic on her son’s body.

But for Baldur, that was no longer living. When every day he could exist but the things that made life meaningful to him were gone. He was so angry that he wanted to kill Freya, but his weakness prevented Baldur from taking action and leaving Freya. This angered him for a very long time.