Goddess of Victory: Nikke celebrates its Half-Anniversary by setting up its first ever Maid Cafe here in the Philippines

As Goddess of Victory: Nikke has reached its six month of being released, the developers have decided to celebrate the game’s half-anniversary by setting up the first ever Maid Cafe inspired by the game here in the Philippines. The event will take place during FanFes 2023 with pre-reservations now open!

nikke fanfes.jpg

For only PHP 200.00, interested participants can engage and be entertained by select members of the Nikke Creator's Club. They will be dressed as maids from Nikke's roster to complete the experience. Aside from that, participants in the event can also interact with their fellow commanders to share information and strategies.

As an added bonus, there will be limited official merchandise that participants can take home such as in-game gem codes, cupsleeves, letters from the CEOs of the Big Three, and more! Note that the drinks will also be included in the payment.

Here’s the event schedule:
  • Day 1 - May 20 - 12:00PM to 7:00PM - 7 sessions / 40 slots per session
  • Day 2 - May 21 - 12:00PM to 7:00PM - 7 sessions / 40 slots per session
The event’s venue is on Wiltlover Cafe, Level 2 3F Ayala Malls Circuit Makati. Pre-reserved your tickets now to secure the chance of experiencing Nikke’s Maid Cafe. Payments will be settled on-site and cash payments will be prioritized!

To know more about the upcoming event, refer to this link. Enjoy and have fun!