GODLIKE Kritika:REBOOT - Exclusive Thailand & Southeast Asia Server Is Now Open For Better Connection PC 

Kritika:REBOOT has been around for quite some time already and I, personally, consider it as a semi-classic RPG. I'll tell you my story later on but for now, let's look at All M's great decision of partnering up with GODLIKE Games to bring better service EXCLUSIVELY to our region. They noticed the popularity of Kritika within Thailand and SEA region so they decided to give it some boost. The pre-registration event has already ended and the server is now officially open!​


Just to clear it out to anyone who's wondering about the difference between Kritika:REBOOT and the mobile version, Kritika: The White Knights, they are separate in terms of title and management. Kritika:REBOOT, the PC version, was released on Steam and has gained popularity for some time. According to Steam information, it was released last November 2019. But, as far as I can remember, I've been playing Kritika: The White Knights since 2013. Hence the reason why I consider the title as semi-classic.

I can still remember when the latest character release was still Shadow Mage. Too bad that GAMEVIL deleted my account and I was never able to recover it at all. Well, going back to our topic at hand, Kritika:REBOOT released the system requirements to play the game. But, just by looking at the image above, you can already guess the minimum specs needed.

Well, what did you know? Even if you own a computer near the potato level, you can still play the game! The graphics and storage requirement won't eat too much from your system. And, just to give you an idea of what the game looks like, Kritika:REBOOT's UI and design resemble classic RPGs such as Cabal and RAN Online.

It's not that old, but it's not too modern too. It's like you've mixed the modern cuteness and coolness of RPG characters with the edgy design of the classic RPGs. As for the gameplay, it's just like how it used to be. It's not open-world, but it has its charms for being a classic version of Honkai Impact. You do missions, you kill a certain number or wave of monsters, you upgrade, then you strive to become stronger. That's it.

Now, let's talk about the GODLIKE Games server. The pre-registration was extended until December 18th but the GODLIKE server officially opened on December 15th. Rewards were given to those who pre-registered which include potions, speakers, and name decoration. Registering and confirming your phone number was rewarded with a permanent pet, Puey.

During the announcement of the pre-registration extension, various rewards were added. Smart Uniform High tier costume set along with the 30-day premium privilege was added as pre-registration rewards. That's a lot!

The opening was not a beta test of some sort. There's no future data reset so you don't have to worry about your progress now. 6 main classes and 2 side classes were released including the latest treasure hunter Side Class, Hong Ryoung. Everything was prepared and the only thing you need to do is enjoy the game with its new and exclusive server.

An invite event is also implemented just like any other game launching does. It's part of any game promotion anyway. Successfully inviting 10 friends to play the game will give you a lot of rewards ranging from simple enhancement stones up to 9 Smart Uniform High tier Costume Sets. But, what makes this server really different from the original one aside from the fact that everything restarted?

Being an exclusive server made the in-game store more convenient to players from Thailand and SEA region. And since the server is still fresh, some adjustments were made to keep everything, and everyone, balanced. It's great to know that they're aware of how frustrating it is to see imbalanced power within a game just because it's either built for a P2W system or an all-out grinding system. They want every player to feel that they're making good progress despite, maybe, being a latecomer.​

Well, let's roll the credits already. I'm giving thanks and all the credits to ALLM Co., Ltd and GODLIKE Games for all the images, content, and trailer that I've used. Thank you for giving us an exclusive server to make our game experience better. As for our readers, here are the links that you might want to check out.

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