GOLDEN BROS, a real-time P2E battle royale, is now available

Golden Bros., Netmarble's new 3v3 combat shooter for mobile and PC, has been officially released.


On July 28, the free-to-play, earn-to-play shooter powered by blockchain technology went global, introducing new heroes, a costume durability recharge system, ranked battles, and NFT collection cards. Battle your friends and strangers online for the victory and GBC.

  • Play to obtain GBC, which can be exchanged for ITAM CUBE.
  • GBC can be exchanged or used in the NFT Shop.
  • eGBP is a currency that can be acquired during
    the Early Access period.
  • eGBP can be exchanged for GBC after the grand launch.


Key Features:
Battle Against Friends & Foes
PvP is at the core of Golden Bros. Share victory with your Bros in quick and explosive battles to claim in-game rewards. The competitive essence will motivate you and your team to fight together to seize victory. Every battle will have new challenges, so it's imperative to adapt fast and build your own strategy to blindside your opponents.

Make it to the TOP Rank
Higher ranks yield more rewards. Keep challenging yourself & push the limits! Be a disruptive Bro on the battlefield and you will be substantially rewarded for your accomplishments! Developing powerful attack and defensive strategies will help you climb the ranks, leading to a greater chance of unlocking rewards!

Explosive Battles & Strategic Skill Combinations
Bros will randomly acquire Capsule Abilities during battle. Adapt quickly by using these Capsule Abilities, which allow Bros to strategically select and build Power-Up configurations on the path to victory. To become the top Bro, you will need to adopt diverse tactics to outwit and defeat opponents.

You can now install the game at Play Store and Apple Store!