Good Smile Company opens pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Mio Figure

Guild of Guardians
Good Smile Company has finally opened pre-orders for its upcoming figure of Mio, a character from the Nintendo Switch-exclusive game Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The figure will officially be released worldwide sometime in 2025.

xenoblade mio.png

For those that are residents in the United States and Canada, they can go to Good Smile Online Shop U.S. to do the pre-order for the figure for $93.99 (PHP5,388.12). Don’t worry, for those that are residing outside of these regions, you can still pre-order by just going to the Japanese international website for ¥15,800(PHP5,827.67).

xenoblade mio2.png

The company will be using Mio’s illustration by Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s character designer Masatsugu Saito for the production of this figure. The 1/7 scale figure will have an approximate total height of 225mm (8.86in) with its base pedestal featuring the icon of her starting Zephyr class.

xenoblade mio1.png

Mio’s figure by Good Smile Company was first revealed at WonHobby 37 in late July 2023. It was an unpainted prototype at first. However, a painted version of the prototype was then published at the same WonHobby 38 that took place in February of this year.

xenoblade mio3.png

Pre-orders for the 1/7 scale figure of Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will stay open until June 19, 2024. The finished figures of Mio will start shipping in May 2025 while in the U.S., it will be in Q4 2025.