Gotcha! Let's talk about Gacha Games: Whales and F2P

Last week we have talked about Gacha Games, the two types of gacha games and their usual players in each type. The one who values novelty of each find and those who collect everything in order to have all drops as possible. Now, let's tackle more about the players. Sometimes, there are those who reach further extents in order to achieve their goal as a gacha player while others just like to have fun. Today, let us discuss about Whales and F2P players! For those who missed the introduction to the gacha, you can check it here:

The Moby Dick of Gacha - The Whales

While it has a weird terminology, those who like to risk it all and draw a lot of banners are called whales. Why whales you ask? Well, whales have been used in casinos for a long time for those who are big spenders and flaunt their cash to all those who would see it. Whales are usually no different in gacha games. They spend money and there usually the ones who will flaunt it because in gacha games, those who have maxed out characters with all the accessories/artifacts/equipment given to those are maxed as well, chances are the one you are seeing is a whale.

Whales usually have strong characters because of tendencies and will go way above and beyond if their certain character is on rate-up and roll as best as they can despite the repercussions. Now, usually whales are those who are either content creators whose viewers enjoy watching the rolling sequences as they anticipate with the whale or those who really are dedicated to the game that will support the game to the best of their ability, including contributing money.

It Ain't Much But It's Hardwork - The Free to Play (F2P) Players

These are the majority of the player base in any gacha games. There are those who are just trying to live with what they got. Apology Rolling Materials, thank you! Campaign Giveaways, they'll savor it! Free Rolling Materials for whatever reason, they will take it! Free to Play players don't see the need to spend money on a free to play game since... it's free to play. It's basically what gacha games usually are. Gacha games are usually thriving on monetizing the gacha and if the whales can contribute to the game, then they think that it is okay to not spend money for it.

While people might think that these players are just freeloaders of a game, they are VERY WRONG, even if a player is non-paying, these players are still a big factor for the company and the future of the game. Usually, F2P players are the majority of the game and their login and interaction with the game is the backbone of the game's future. What game will there be if a big chunk of players just vanished and be treated worthless. Each player is important. These F2P might be future dolphins, or might spend a little bit because of how they love the game. They might even spread the game's via word of mouth making new players with their successful referrals to the game. That is how valuable F2P players are.

The Middle Ground - Dolphins

Despite the extremes of both sides, there lies a middle ground, a dolphin. Unlike the whale where the animal is a huge one. These types of gacha players are also in the middle in size. Dolphins are usually referred as to those who have spent some money but not a huge amount that people will take a shocking look at it. Usually, these types of people are the ones who spends a video game worth of microtransactions. Therefore, contributing to the game company by buying MTX that would support the game's longevity without dumping a tremendous amount of cash.

These players believe that if you like a game or a company despite the free to play nature of the game, you can still support it by purchasing in-game items that you like to buy, aiding you in your gaming and helping the company too. As for their middle-way stance, some of the player base spend money this way. It's perfectly normal.

Arguments on these Players

While others are worried that whales that spend ridiculous amount of their money for the in-game items, it can also be looked into that these players just want to give back to the company in which turn helps them in advancing to the game as well. Getting these desired characters help them boost their motivation to play everyday and in doing so, furthering interactions with the company and these types of players. Although there really are those who get in addicting patterns and gambling tendencies who fall prey to the microtransactions of a game, so beware, know your limits before becoming a whale as it may ruin your life.

As for the F2P community, know that you should not discriminate or alienate a whale if you ever saw or encounter one. Despite their edge in you (especially if the game has a PVP mechanic), they are the ones who keep the game afloat with their purchases. Sure, some may have ads and others through other ways to maintain a game for free, but the money put in by whales help the game be updated with new content, still up in the servers and paying their employees.

For the dolphins, keep it up! Maintaining a balance with your gaming and real-life expenses, it's never wrong to be one of the other sides but if you feel the need to support a game developer to reward them if their good business practices or a game that has been attached for you for a long time, spending some money is always a good way to make sure that they are rewarded and YOU benefit from it as well.


In the end of the day, these are the types of players you usually see in the gacha games. While others have different views with each other. It is always worth noting that proper respect both to each players' decisions and to each other is a great way to maintain a good experience in a game even not gacha. Play whatever you want, it's your money anyways. Next time, we will discusssing about some gacha games and why they are beloved by others!