Gran Saga Closed Beta Test Announced

With the pandemic still going on, some people are looking for ways to pass the time and at the same time, bond with their friends who are into gaming. One of the ways to do it is by playing online games such as MMORPGs, while we have covered a lot of upcoming MMORPGs in the future, we also need to ensure that you guys get the updates regarding those games. Such is the topic today which is Gran Saga's upcoming closed beta test!

Gran Saga b.jpg

This game was first reported by my colleague here, Dan22, Gran Saga promises an MMORPG that can play for both mobile and PC. Another thing to mention is that the game will be anything like the other. Knowing this plus the fact that a lot of people are hyped in this game. This is building up to be a game worth getting excited for. As such, the game is now in CBT and appearing to be closer than ever for a release.

Gran Saga a.jpg

But wait, there's a catch, the game is only in CBT in South Korea, that's a bummer. People who have been waiting on it must have felt bad, but there are ways to get to play in the CBT even if you're not in SK, but it will require a lot of effort. One of those is that if you are one of the lucky ones that have been chosen to join the CBT as it is chosen by batches, some games won't even guarantee you a spot even if you have pre-registered on the CBT so that will suck if it happens, but hey, it's not the end of the world... But if you're really up to it. Folks at MMOByte, can help you on that end.

Gran Saga c.jpg

Besides, the game will be up in 2021 or the latest 1st Quarter of 2022. Yep, they have confirmed a global release for the game so if you do not mind waiting for Gran Saga then there you go! A promise of a global launch is big so just ride in the hype train a bit longer. It's worth the wait when all the bugs have been fixed and a guaranteed timeline has been ensured because the game is now stable.

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And with that, this covers the news we have today for Gran Saga. It's about to be good with a lot of MMORPGs coming in for players to have fun. While the jury is still out on which is the best anime MMO that will be coming out this year, the stakes are high and the bets are out, only the results are going to be the deciding factor on this one. Tell us your thoughts about Gran Saga in the comments below!