Gran Saga - Korea's Grand Opening Of Yet Another Cross-Platform MMORPG PC iOS Android 

We're getting drowned with lots of launched and soon-to-be-launched MMORPGs lately! We're drowning in the hype of seeing amazing games left and right! And now, we're about to receive yet another MMORPG masterpiece brought to us by the Korean developer, NPIXEL. Introducing, Gran Saga, a new cross-platform MMORPG for mobile and PC. Let me tell you something first -- this is BIG.

I can still remember back when Genshin Impact was in the gaming headlines along with other MMORPGs, Gran Saga was among the top list of their possible future rival. And just by looking at how the development process and the huge investment that NPIXEL received, there's no way that we're getting some cheap MMO here. One of our colleagues here have featured the game a year ago, and you may check it out here.

I mean, just look at that poster that I've borrowed from their main site. That looks amazing! I know, it doesn't reflect the output of the game, but it does reflect their talent for sure. Speaking of talent, the studio behind the game is composed of really experienced developers in the world of MMO. If you can still remember Chrono Odyssey, they're the studio behind that too!

Built with Unreal Engine 4, the game is supported with a cross-play feature and great anime-styled graphics. And what may separate this game from the rest is their very own, Gran Weapons. This diversifies the growth of the player aside from the simple RPG routine of upgrading weapons and stats. What it really means is giving the player the options to grow other more aspects of their character that -- (1) makes playing enjoyable even without parties and playing solo, and (2) Giving your own character a uniqueness according to your own playstyle and taste.

Oh, did I mention it also affects your appearance, skills, and combat styles? That's how complicated, yet very interesting, Gran Weapons are. And just as the title states, Korea is now enjoying the game! Gran Saga's was launched in its hometown, South Korea, last January 26th. Their promise of cross-play really did happen and you can check it out on their official site. As always, all the links are down below.


There's no update regarding the global launch yet. But, I'm hyped up just as you are! If anything comes up on our radar, we'll let you know as fast as we can. For now, why not visit their official Youtube channel and watch some sample gameplay that they uploaded. It will give you better ideas of what to expect about the game. Since we're already talking about gameplay, then here's one for you!

All the images, videos, and content used are properties of NPIXEL. We hope for the success of Gran Saga and may you consider the global launch soon so the rest of the world may experience your craft too. By the way, if you can understand the Korean language or Kugo, and you have the magic powers to join their servers, then why not try your luck in their giveaways on their official site. As for our dear readers, here are your precious links!

You're still here! Share your hype with us! Come and join our Gran Saga discussion now!